Affiliate Marketing On YouTube? (Explained With A Full Tutorial)

Can you do affiliate marketing on youtube

“Can you do affiliate marketing on YouTube?” And how to start affiliate marketing with a YouTube channel, are questions that I see a lot of people often ask. So let’s dive in.

Affiliate marketing is getting tons of attention nowadays because of the rise of social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

That said, yes, you can do affiliate marketing on YouTube. In fact, many YouTubers out there use affiliate marketing as a primary way of monetizing their channels.

Because YouTube is not as strict on affiliate links as other social media channels, however, affiliate marketing on YouTube has to be done right otherwise you can get banned.

Best practice: You’ll want to shorten your affiliate link before posting it on your YouTube channel or use a landing page URL instead and also, you need to follow YouTube user guidelines. 

Taking this approach, you’ll have no problem with YouTube for your affiliate marketing.

What Is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

what is affiliate marketing and how to make significant money from affiliate marketing

YouTube affiliate marketing is a method, a marketing strategy, or a process of creating videos and placing relevant affiliate links in the video description section.

In other words.

YouTube affiliate marketing is simply a way to make money online by creating and posting video content that helps another individual and in each of your videos, you place a link to an affiliate product in the description section.

And each time someone (your subscribers) clicks on your affiliate link and purchases the product you get paid.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to create your own product. 

You simply find a product created by another person and promote it as your own.

And still, make a healthy income.

You can also start affiliate marketing with little or no money and still earn a handsome income.

You can also make money while you sleep or on vacation (but only if you have a proper system set up).

Can You Do Affiliate Marketing On YouTube?

Though YouTube does not fully support affiliate links, however, you can still do affiliate marketing on YouTube by following the right guidelines. First of all, you’ll have to establish your YouTube channel.

Once you have that, you’ll have to create tons of high-quality and relevant video content and upload it to your channel.

Thereafter you start getting loads of subscribers, you can put a link to your landing page in the video description section.

This will help you get your viewers’ email addresses and build your email list.

Now… You’ll want to mention the link in your video and tell your viewers or subscribers to go check the link out in the description box.

Then, if your viewers feel interested and go through the link, you’ll capture their email addresses and then promote your affiliate offers to them through email.

And if they purchase your preferred product or service, you get paid money which is termed as a commission.

However…  If they don’t purchase the product at that moment, which the vast majority of them are not going to do. 

Now, you have a chance to remarket that same product to them over and over again through email marketing until they’re ready to buy it.

This is the technique a lot of YouTube affiliate marketers leverage.

That said…

If you want to go the old-school way by placing direct affiliate links below your YouTube videos, then I suggest before you do that make sure you shorten your affiliate link.

TAKE NOTE: To avoid any problem with YouTube, you want to shorten or cloak your affiliate link before placing it in your video description.

Is Affiliate Marketing On YouTube Safe?

Yes, YouTube is a safe for promoting affiliate marketing offers. It is an amazing platform if you want to grow a profitable affiliate marketing business for the long term.

Most top affiliate marketers in the industry leverage the power of YouTube to grow their online business.

That said…

As long as you’re not violating YouTube rules and regulations, you’re free to market your product on the platform.

Hence… I’d highly recommend before you start using YouTube to promote your affiliate offers…

Take time to read through their Terms and Conditions to be aware of what they allow and what they don’t allow on their platform.

Knowing that will help you keep your YouTube channel account safe from being banned or flagged.

How To Do Youtube Affiliate Marketing Work

how to do affiliate marketing on youtube
money on youtube with an affiliate link

How affiliate marketing works on YouTube is quite simple:

  • You pick a niche you interested in
  • You sign up with a well-known brand that offers high-quality products or service
  • Then, you create a Youtube channel related to your niche
  • Next, you want to start uploading videos on your channel for others to watch and subscribe to your channel
  • Then integrate affiliate links into your video content. A popular way to do this is to place the link under the video description.
  • And when people watch the video and show interest by purchasing the product you get paid a commission.

IMPORTANT: The key to success online is to pick a niche that you’re both interested in and have knowledge about. This will help you create compelling content that your audiences are in need of.

Who Is YouTube Affiliate Marketing For

Well, I can say nearly everyone but specifically, if you’re someone who can create helpful, high-quality, and educational video content, then youtube is your best bet for promoting affiliate offers.


YouTube is getting a bit competitive nowadays in certain fields. This means that you need to be very strategic in your approach in order to win.

If you ask for my advice… I would highly recommend you start both a YouTube channel and a website. 

This gives you multiple options to promote your affiliate offers.

And also, allows you to maintain good relationships with your targeted audience across various platforms. Rather than just focusing on YouTube alone.

Why Use YouTube For Affiliate Marketing?

When it comes to quality traffic sources for affiliate marketing, YouTube is considered one of the best.

Because it’s a search engine and your content can be searched and viewed for years after you upload them. 

And this can help drive loads of free traffic to your business without you having to do any active work or pay for traffic.


A lot of people nowadays prefer video content over text (written) content and this can be a great platform to build and increase your brand awareness.

Just posting free useful videos on YouTube, you can build a large following, generate tons of targeted traffic to your affiliate offer, and earn significant income online.


Having a YouTube channel allows you to reach a large number of people across the globe and increase your influence.

A lot of people are searching on YouTube, and some of them are looking for a product to buy. 

Just getting your video in front of them can allow you to generate an insane amount of money for your business.

Is Affiliate Marketing Easy And Lucrative On YouTube

Generally, affiliate marketing is a lucrative online business but it’s not as easy as a lot of YouTubers claim it to be.

Though in theory, the process seems simple and easy, in practice it’s not an easy win.  

It takes a lot of time, effort, and hard work to make affiliate marketing successful on YouTube.

But… It can be great and very profitable once you’ve put in the necessary work. 

That said…

To make your affiliate marketing lucrative and earn a decent affiliate income on YouTube.

You need to attract a lot of quality subscribers to your channel and that can be done by creating compelling content.

Now… Once you’ve built a decent following (subscriber base), the next thing is to start marketing your product to them.

A good affiliate marketer understands the power of building an email list. 

So… To get the best out of your affiliate marketing, you’ll want to build an email list of your viewers or subscribers.

Then, as they’re on your list, you can promote the product or service you’re selling to them through email marketing.

And if they don’t buy it right away, you can remarket it to them until they’re ready to buy it.

IMPORTANT: Always remember to add value to your subscribers, this way, you’ll get more views and subscribers and you’ll more likely get affiliate sales.

What Is YouTube Affiliate Marketing Link Policy?

When it comes to affiliate marketing on YouTube, there are no specific policies or rules, however, you can be penalized for violating the platform’s terms and conditions.

One is that you cannot use someone’s content without their permission.

Doing so is illegal copyright.

If a video is created by another individual and they don’t give you permission to use that video and you do so.

You’ll receive a copyright strike from YouTube or even get your account flagged.

Though… Citing the source of the video will prevent you from plagiarism but not from copyright infringement.

Here Are Some Rules To Follow:

  • Add value
  • Don’t add too many affiliate links.
  • Don’t make false promises
  • Only promote things you trust or have used before
  • Make sure you shorten your affiliate links

What Is YouTube Affiliate Marketing Requirement?

There are no minimum eligibility requirements to do affiliate marketing through a YouTube channel. 

However, in my opinion, I think the only requirement here is that your channel should have a decent following and get at least 500 to 1000 views per video before focusing on affiliate marketing.

Why is that?

Well, the thing is, if you’re not getting any views on your channel or videos and you’re focusing on promoting affiliate programs.

I think you’re just wasting your time.

That said…

I suggest you spend that time building your channel instead, by focusing on creating compelling content.

So, this is what I want you to do:

  • Research and figure out what terms, phrases, and questions people are searching for online that are related to your niche.
  • Then, start creating videos around those search terms.
  • Focus on creating ‘How-To, Tutorials, and Guide type of videos.
  • Be patient, focused, and consistent.
  • Offer your viewers something of high value for free in exchange for their email addresses.
  • Build an email list of targeted audiences.
  • Build trust with your list by continue adding value to their lives.
  • Sell to your list.

Can I Make Good Money With Affiliate Marketing On YouTube?

Yes definitely!

You can earn a lot of money doing affiliate marketing on YouTube. The first step to earning money with affiliate products on YouTube is to create a YouTube channel.

Then you need to grow your channel by uploading helpful video content on the channel.

That said…

They’re two ways to make money with affiliate products on YouTube, you can create a review video of your product or an educational video on your niche.

Then, you’ll have to put a link to your affiliate product in the description box below the video.

But to really grow your YouTube channel faster, you have to be consistent in posting.


Well, because YouTube rewards consistency.

How Long Does It Take To Start Making Money On YouTube With Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing long take
how long to make affiliate sales on a YouTube video

How long it takes to start making money on YouTube with affiliate marketing depends on so many varieties of factors.

Factors such:

  • Your knowledge of affiliate marketing
  • Your skillset in creating useful videos
  • Your marketing strategy
  • The kind of product you’re selling
  • The number of subscribers you have, etc

So, it all depends on what you’re doing, just like any business model out there, you get what you put in.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick kind of thing. It’s a real business and it takes a lot of time, effort, and skills to make it successful.

Some people start out and start making money within 6 – 12 months but generally, it takes time to earn from YouTube as an affiliate.

That said, the key is… You want to figure out who your audiences are and what they’re in need of and focus on providing them with that.

If you can target the right audience, and make great videos for them that solve their problems or pain, over time, you’ll surely make money.

How Much Can You Earn With Affiliate Marketing On YouTube

how much do youtube affiliate marketers make
how much do YouTube affiliate marketers make?

How much YouTuber affiliate marketers make is endless. Typically, everyone’s result is different. However, it mostly depends on how much traffic your video gets and how well you convert that traffic. 

If you receive a decent number of views and properly direct those views to the right place.

Then, the amount of money you can potentially earn will be endless.

Steps On How To Do Affiliate Marketing With YouTube

YouTube is an amazing platform to drive a good amount of targeted traffic to your affiliate offers.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world apart from Google. 

When you create video content that solves or answers someone’s problem you’ll earn a lot of views and subscribers. 

Which will eventually lead to making tons of money from your affiliate business.

Here Are Simple steps To Do Affiliate Marketing Through YouTube:

  • Step #1: Pick A Niche
  • Step #2: Pick An Affiliate Program To Work With
  • Step #3: Create Your YouTube Channel
  • Step #4: Do Keyword Research
  • Step #5: Start Creating Content
  • Step #6: Engage With Your Audience
  • Step #7: Drive Traffic To Your Videos
  • Step #8: Build An Email List

Step #1: Pick A Niche

choose a niche

You want to start by picking a niche that you want to build your YouTube channel around. 

By the way, what is a niche? A niche is simply a topic you’re interested in or passionate about.

Step #2: Pick An Affiliate Program To Work With

Here, you want to pick an affiliate program you believe in or have used before. Make sure the product is of good quality.

Don’t promote any scammy product, if there are a lot of bad opinions about the product don’t promote it.

Because your audience will be skeptical about purchasing that product.

Generally, I’d recommend you promote programs that you’ve used before and it has helped you.

Step #3: Create Your YouTube Channel

As you’ve decided on your niche and the affiliate program that you think people will be interested in buying. 

The next thing is to create a YouTube channel related to your niche and your affiliate product.

Step #4: Do Keyword Research

You don’t want to be creating random videos, so you want to find out what terms or phrases, or questions people are searching for within your chosen niche or industry. 

Once you’ve figured that out, start creating and posting videos related to those terms.

Step #5: Start Creating Content

create content to become a successful with affiliate marketing and make a lot of money

One of the most important parts of using YouTube to get affiliate sales is that you’re able to deliver relevant and high-quality content to your audience or viewers.

It doesn’t matter what marketing strategy or how many views you get per video.

If you’re not delivering problem-solving content to your audience, you’re missing out on steps, you won’t be able to go far.

It’s important to remember that a successful YouTube channel should focus on providing value first.

If your channel provides real value to people, you’ll find success for sure.

Step #6: Engage With Your Audience

You want to build relationships with your viewers to turn them into loyal followers. 

One of the effective methods to go about this is to reply to their comment. People feel excited when you do that.

Step #7: Drive Traffic To Your Videos

how to get traffic to youtube affiliate marketing
video affiliate marketing

There are several ways you can get traffic to your videos. You can use social media platforms or forums. After creating your video just hover over these platforms and share your video there.

Search engine results can also be an effective resource for generating traffic to your video.

Depending on the keyword research term you use, your video can likely show up on the initial page of Google results.

Step #8: Build An Email List

step by step how to make money with lead generation business
How to get leads on YouTube

Creating helpful content and sending people to direct affiliate links is not enough.

You still want to build a close relationship with your viewers by building an email list.

Instead of driving people to raw affiliate links, you want to take them through a funnel.

Drive people to an opt-in page or capture to first capture their email addresses, before sending them to the product sale page.

Now, as they’re on your list you can follow up with them through email content to build strong trust and relationships with them.


If they don’t purchase the product at that moment, now you have a chance to remarket the product to them over and over again until they’re ready to buy.

To build a long-term affiliate business, it’s important you build an email list.

That said…

To build an email list, you’re going to need an email software provider.

I personally use GetRespond, they provide you with all the tools needed to run a successful email marketing all in one place.

There is no need to pay for extra tools.


Do keep in mind that making with YouTube is not an overnight process, it does take a fair amount of time and work in the beginning to start getting enough views on your videos which results in sales. 

However, if you want faster results, then you want to run YouTube ads to promote your affiliate offers.

What Is The Best Way to Promote Affiliate Products On YouTube

how to promote affiliate link on Youtube
how to promote affiliate links on YouTube videos

Well, the best way to promote affiliate products on YouTube is to build a channel that is dedicated solely to a particular subject and then focus on creating engaging content around that niche or subject.

And then place a link to your affiliate product in the description section.

If you fill your channel with great content you’ll see results in no time.

Let Me Clarify That With An Analysis:

  1. Build A YouTube Channel
  2. Create A Compelling Video With An Eye-Caching Thumbnail
  3. Promote Your Affiliate Product In Your Video Description (or you can link back to your affiliate website)
  4. Get Traffic To Your Video
  5. Convert Those Traffic To Customers

4 Skills Worth Learning When Using YouTube To Get Affiliate Sales

Getting started with affiliate marketing on YouTube, there are some key elements you must muster in order to see growth.

  • Choose a profitable niche – Ensure that you choose a profitable niche, a niche that has a high demand.
  • Video making – you must learn how to make good videos that capture people’s attention.
  • Video editing – It is important to edit your videos to make it look professional. If you can do that yourself, then hire someone to help you out.
  • Learn Marketing – Learning how to market properly to the right audience is very essential. If you’re marketing to anyone, you’re literally marketing to no one.

What Type Of YouTube Video To Create For Affiliate Marketing

type of youtube video for affiliate marketing

Well, there is a wide range of YouTube videos that you can make to generate affiliate income. However, there is one type that’s popular and proven to work for a lot of YouTubers and that’s review videos.

A Review video is simply comparing two or more products or sharing information about a product: How it works, the benefits, and its pros and cons of it.

Review types of videos work very well in certain niches. 

If your main goal is to directly sell a product then, you’ll want to go after this type of video.

Because it is very easy to convert a customer with this type of video.

That said…For a lot of people, before they make a purchase decision, they watch review videos.

So…If you can nail quality and in-depth review videos about your affiliate product, I’d highly suggest you do a review video.

But apart from review videos, there are other types of YouTube videos that perfectly work for selling products and these are:

  • How-To-Videos: This type of video is when you show people how to do a certain thing. It’s more likely an informative video and at the same time, you’re recommending a product.
  • Best Type Of Video: With this type of video, you’ll list different types of products and tell your audience which one is best for them to choose. Then you just have a link to that product in the description section. 
  • Tutorial Type Of Video: Here you’ll be walking your audience step-by-step on how to do something. Then, in the video description, you can put a link to an affiliate product that’ll further help them how to do that.

Above-mentioned, each of them has the potential to drive significant affiliate sales when done right.

How Can I Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer On YouTube

Well, becoming a successful affiliate marketer on YouTube is all about building trust with your audience (your subscribers or viewers) and this can be accomplished by providing helpful content that helps solve a specific problem they’re facing.

You need to think about the problem or pain point that your audience needs help with and simply provide a solution to them.

Here Are Some Key Areas On How To Become A Successful Affiliate On YouTube:

  • Provide real value to your audience
  • Don’t lie, be honest about your affiliate relations
  • Don’t promote any product just for the purpose of making a high profit margin
  • Make sure you’re promoting products that solve a real problem
  • Don’t oversell, recommend the product and let your audience make a buying decision
  • Always value transparency
  • Understand the basics of SEO. Having a well-optimized video will give a high potion in terms of search result


The key to becoming successful with affiliate marketing on YouTube is to focus on providing useful value to your audience, then get them off YouTube into your email list and build the know, like, and trust factor with them.

Taking this approach, you’ll have more success with affiliate marketing.

How To Increase Affiliate Marketing Revenue Using YouTube

Well, to increase your affiliate income using YouTube, you need to generate tons and tons of targeted traffic to your videos. 

That said, to get the traffic you need to produce massive value that helps solve a particular problem your ideal audiences are having challenges with.

Then, from there, you want to get them to your funnel and build an email. 

And as they’re on your list, you can start selling your offer to them through email marketing.

Here Is How You’ll Be Able To Get Traffic And Sales:

Step 1: Pick A Niche You’re Interested In

One of the advantages of affiliate marketing is that you can choose to work in any niche you want regardless of whether you know about it or not.


The tricky part about this is that you can easily get carried away by choosing a niche that you don’t actually like or have no knowledge about simply because you see or hear that it has the potential to make you rich.

Well, I think that shouldn’t be the case, because you going to end up working on a niche that you hate and the end result is always a failure.

That said…

One of the secrets of success in any field is to do something you love, interested in, or are passionate about, and more importantly, have knowledge about.

So, you want to pick a niche you like.

Step 2: Research Affiliate Partners Before Working With Them

There are a handful of affiliate partners, but the truth is that not all of them are legit and will pay your commission.

There are quite a few scam programs out there, so you should take your time to do thorough research before joining any of them.

Step 3: Do Effective Keyword Research

Don’t just write about anything, to ensure success, you want to do effective keyword research to find relevant keywords, terms, phrases, and questions that your targeted audiences are likely to search for within your niche.

Step 4: Don’t Go After Competitive Keywords

As a beginner, one of the worst things you can easily do that’ll delay your success as an affiliate marketer on YouTube is to try going for competitive keywords.

That said…

The best thing to do is to avoid going after competitive keywords and choose to go after less competitive keywords but have a high search volume.

And attempt to rank for those terms instead and over time, you’ll start getting traffic.

Step 5: Create Engaging Content

Now, as you’ve found those less competitive keywords, the next thing is to start cracking content related to those search terms.

Make sure your content is engaging and interesting.

This will help persuade your viewers to stay longer on your video and eventually click on your link to learn more about what you’re promoting or join your email list.

Step 6: Know What You’re Talking About

If you don’t have good knowledge about your niche, it’s true that you can’t provide a real solution to your audience’s needs.

Though you might be able to deceive some people by creating crappy content but you won’t be able to scale your affiliate business that way.

So what do I have to do? Great question!

Well, you should educate yourself about your niche, that’s the only way.

Step 7: Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective and great ways to promote affiliate links.

You can share valuable, educational email content and include your affiliate link within the content.

With this tip, you’re promoting your affiliate link in an effective way and your subscribers will easily click on your link and even share the information with their friends.

This will result in you getting more affiliate sales.

What Are The Mistakes To Avoid When Using YouTube For Affiliate Marketing 

mistake 1966448 1920 1024x655 1 scaled

Though mistakes are inevitable, you cannot be doing the wrong thing and expect to be successful.

It doesn’t work like that.

That said…

In my opinion, I think the most common mistake is using someone else’s music in your YouTube video without their permission.

With that behavior, you can get your account flagged.

Here Are Some Common Mistakes:

  • Building your channel around a niche you don’t like
  • Not posting consistently
  • Not build an email list as soon as possible
  • Giving up too soon when you don’t see an immediate result
  • Spending too much time watching other people’s videos and not taking any action on your channel
  • Not doing market research to identify or know about your audience need

How Do I Grow My YouTube Affiliate Marketing Channel

how to grow affiliate youtube channel
how to grow an affiliate YouTube channel

Well, one of the “best ways to grow your YouTube affiliate marketing channel” is to find what problem your audiences are facing.

And then provide a solution to your audience’s problem through helpful content and then you want to find and recommend quality products that will further help them solve those problems.

That said…

When you’re trying to solve your audience’s problem, make sure you go in-depth.


Well, the thing is, people love to consume content that provides an in-depth solution for even a small problem that they’re facing.

When you’re taking this approach, over time, your channel will grow.

What Are Some Legit Affiliate Marketing YouTubers?

There are a few notable affiliate marketing YouTubers out there Miles Beckler and Franklin Hatchett is the man to go to if you want to learn affiliate marketing the right way.

These guys really know their stuff when it comes to affiliate marketing and they are willing to share everything they know about how to run or grow a successful online business.

In their channel, they cover almost everything you might want to know about building a profitable online business.

Here are a few examples of what they covered on their channel.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO Tips
  • Keyword research
  • How to create quality content
  • How to start and grow a blog
  • How to get traffic to a blog
  • How to build a sale funnel, etc

The list goes on… If you have time do check their channel.

YouTube Video Affiliate Marketing FAQs!

Can You Do Affiliate Marketing On YouTube?

Yes, definitely. YouTube does allow affiliate links on video description boxes but they’re not in full support of it, so, before placing your affiliate link you’ll want to shorten it.

That said, in my opinion, I think instead of posting direct affiliate links on YouTube I find it works best if you send people to a landing page so you can capture their email addresses and remarket the same product to them if they don’t buy the product at that moment.

Can You Put Affiliate Links In Paid YouTube Ads?

According to Thomas Carvo, a user on Quora, If you are running a paid YouTube discovery ad to a video, you can utilize the description of that video to place affiliate links. However, if you are running a “pre-roll” ad or an ad that is not linking to a YouTube video where people will have access to the description of that video, Google (YouTube) will not allow you to direct links to affiliate offers/links.

Can I Do Affiliate Marketing With YouTube Shorts?

Yes, you can, it is one of the easiest and simplest methods to make money on YouTube as an affiliate marketer. The concept is to make 60-second videos and include your affiliate link in the description.

YouTube shorts for affiliate marketing are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. A lot of marketers are spending more time on this method than ever and YouTube is pushing short videos more than normal videos just to beat TikTok.

Can I Start Affiliate Marketing On YouTube With No Money?

You can start affiliate marketing on YouTube without investment. YouTube is a free traffic platform that anybody can use without having to pay for traffic but it takes hard work and patience to see success. When I first started on YouTube I focused on providing absolute content and that’s what you should do if you want to succeed.

Can I Post An Amazon Affiliate Link Directly On The YouTube Description?

Well, you can definitely do that. To go about that, you’ll want to create relevant content about the product. Then, in the video, you want to mention it and tell your viewers or subscribers to go check the link in the description.

However, I found it works best when you send people to a landing page instead of sending people to Amazon directly. 

On the landing page, you’ll have a chance to capture their email addresses.
And if they don’t purchase the product at that moment, now you have a chance to remarket the product to them over and over again until they’re ready to buy it.

Can I Earn Good Income With Affiliate Marketing In A Short Period With A YouTube Channel?

Well, in my opinion, I think YouTube is the best way to make a decent income with affiliate marketing in a very short time, unlike blogging which takes a very long time. However, apart from YouTube, one of the best methods to earn your first affiliate commission in no time is to promote products through paid advertising campaigns.

Can I Do Affiliate Marketing On YouTube Without Creating A Video?

YouTube is a video-sharing platform, to use the platform for promoting affiliate offers, you need to create a video.  You can’t use the service without creating a video. However, outside YouTube, you can promote your product directly using social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Can I Do Affiliate Marketing On YouTube Without Showing My Face On Video?

Yes, you can. You don’t necessarily have to show your face on camera in order to do affiliate marketing through YouTube, you can do screen sharing. There are a lot of people who use YouTube to promote affiliate programs without showing their natural faces on camera.

However, by experience, speaking in front of a camera is much more helpful and impactful, as users are more likely to connect and interact with you.

How Do I Become a YouTube Affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate marketer on YouTube is quite simple. All you have to do is pick a niche and an affiliate product, then create a YouTube channel related to your niche. After that, you want to create a video about your affiliate product and then include a link to your product in the video description.

Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable On YouTube?

Yes, affiliate marketing on YouTube is very profitable. It is a good method of monetizing your channel even if you have less than 1,000 subscribers. Monetizing your channel with affiliate marketing can help you earn a decent amount of money in the long run.

How Much Do YouTubers Get From Affiliate Links?

Well, generally, this depends on the type of product you’re promoting, how much traffic you get on your videos, and more importantly how well you convert those views for the product or service you’re promoting. You’ll do better if you produce more helpful content and build an email list, that way you have a chance to remarket the product to your viewers over and over again until they’re ready to buy it.

Are Affiliate Links Allow On YouTube?

According to YouTube guidelines, they allow affiliate links in the description field but be careful posting direct affiliate links, you can get your account suspended, the best way to go about it is to shorten your link before posting it on your YouTube channel.

Can I Place Affiliate Links On YouTube Comments?

No, I’ll not recommend you paste your affiliate link in a comment section of other popular videos in your niche. Because this practice is not sustainable, it’s a spam practice and you can get your account blocked or suspended.

Is There An Affiliate Program For YouTube?

Yes, YouTube does have a partnership program called AdSense. It allows you to earn revenue by running advertisements on your content. To join the YouTube partner program, you need to have 1k subscribers and 4,000 watch hours on your content in the last 12 months. After you have that requirement. The next thing to do is to enable YouTube monetization on your channel. Once that’s done you’ll start to generate AdSense revenue.

What Is The Best Affiliate Program For YouTubers?

There is a wide range of affiliate programs available for YouTubers through networks such as ClickBank, ShareASale, etc. You can join one of these networks and choose a product that’s related to your niche, join as an affiliate and start promoting it on your channel.

What Is Affiliate Marketing Without YouTube?

Affiliate marketing without YouTube simply means promoting affiliate products or services without a YouTube channel or without having to create or record a video on YouTube.


Doing affiliate marketing on YouTube is absolutely possible, first, you want to establish your YouTube channel by providing valuable content to your audience.

Then share your affiliate link in the video description, and mention the link to the video.

If you target the right audience and create a great video, over time you’ll start to get enough views.

Which eventually will result in great sales.