Can You Make Significant Money Using Affiliate Marketing? (Explained)

affiliate marketing: How to make big money doing affiliate marketing

Making significant money from affiliate marketing is not easy, it requires deep knowledge, hard work, consistency, willingness to learn and implement, and above all patience. That said, if you possess those qualities then you’re on the right path.

So, can you really make significant money using affiliate marketing?

To put it simply – yes you can. Affiliate marketing has the potential of making you rich or a millionaire and there’s no specific amount of money designed for you to earn. In affiliate marketing, you can earn passive income and grow your income as much as you want. 

Especially if you understand how the whole affiliate business model works.

And you follow the right process or strategy, take the necessary steps, stay consistent, put in the effort and be patient, etc. 

There’s nothing that can stop you from making your desired income with your affiliate marketing business.

Read on, to better understand your question. Plus, I’ll also share with you:

  • Steps to make a lot of money from affiliate marketing
  • What affiliate marketing is, how it works
  • How to actually become an affiliate marketer, and Tips to earn your first affiliate commission online and so on.

With that being said, let’s dive in!

Can You Make Significant Money Using Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is rapidly growing and is one of the best and most lucrative online businesses nowadays. I know people who have earned millions of dollars just from affiliate marketing alone.

However, I want you to understand that it’s not that easy, and it’s not a get-rich-quick kind of stuff as a lot of people proclaim it to be.

It requires a commitment of time, and dedication in order to make any kind of significant income from it.

However, that does not mean it’s impossible.

It’s absolutely possible to make a lot of money with affiliate marketing.

As I said, it’s going to take some sort of hard work, effort, time, commitment, persistence, and patience in the beginning.

You’re not going to make money from it quickly as you may expect.

So, as you’re entering this industry, I simply want you to understand that it’s not an overnight success.

So, don’t approach it with that mindset.

I’m pretty sure you understand what I mean right? Great!

That being said…

Let’s look at what you need to do to earn the most money from your affiliate marketing business. 


affiliate marketing 12

Here Are The Simple Steps To Make A Lot Of Money Doing Affiliate Marketing

To make significant money from affiliate marketing, you need to perform a certain action to put you on that path, but you need to be patient with the process and put in the work.

By doing the work and not giving up or quitting too soon, you’ll probably get your reward in terms of good substantial income overtime.

Here Are The Steps To Make A Lot Of Money With Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Choose A Niche – A niche is a topic you’re interested in, passionate about, or want to learn about.
  2. Pick High In Demand Affiliate Product – Pick a product you believe in or have used before.
  3. Build A Blog/YouTube Channel – You can start a blog or youtube channel about your niche.
  4. Do In-Depth Keyword Research – Start by finding out what keyphrases people are typing into search engines when looking for information related to your niche or product.
  5. Start Creating Content – Online content is said to be KING and without it, your business won’t succeed. Start to create content related to the key phrases you find.
  6. Regular Update Your Website With New Content – Upload new content on your site or blog on a daily basis, improve old content and generally update your site.
  7. Use Social Media To Promote Your Content – It takes a very long time (about 35 weeks) for Google to start sending traffic to new content on a new site. So, use social media to start promoting your content to start getting some early traffic to your content.
  8. Use Multiple Social Media To Promote Your Content – I believe you’ve heard this saying before “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Post your content on two more platforms to get more views on your content. But make sure you optimize your content to match that particular social media platform.
  9. Don’t spam Your Affiliate Link – Don’t be eager to sell to your audience. Try to help them first and then recommend your offer to them when necessary. It has to be natural.
  10. Connect With Your Audience – People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Enable comments on your blog so people can engage with you. Try to also engage with them to build relationships with them.

Above are some of the things you should focus on or keep an eye on if you really want to succeed in the affiliate marketing industry.

Although, most of these steps, sometimes, it’s takes time to master and achieve them…

But it’s absolutely worth it in the end.

Now, before we go any further, I would like to first define what affiliate marketing is and how it works.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

what is affiliate marketing and how to make significant money from affiliate marketing

Upon running a little research, here is a great definition I found online about affiliate marketing?:

“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products”. Source.

My definition!

Well, in my opinion, affiliate marketing is a process or a way of earning or making money online by promoting products or services created by an individual using either a blog, YouTube video, or social media.

These products can either be physical or digital products.

Wait, let me break it down for you so you can capture the whole concept:

For example: If you have a blog where you post articles about how to lose weight. As people visit your blog and they’re reading your article. You can place a link to weight loss products in your article.

And when your visitors have an interest in that product and click the link you placed in the article and they purchase the product, you’ll receive a commission.

The formula is simple right?

So, how much does an affiliate program pay? The commission rate affiliate programs pay is different, depending on the program or brand you join or work with. However, some programs pay somewhere from 8% to 75% of the sale, but that only depends on the product creator or the brand that owns the product.

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So, How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

First and foremost, you need to find an affiliate program you believe in and join.

After that, you’ll be given a unique link that you’ll be using to promote or recommend the product to earn a commission anytime you make a sale.

Now, when you place this link on your blog or website or wherever. When your visitors or customers click on your link, they’re redirected straight to the product sales page.

Then, the affiliate program or network quickly tracks the click to see whether or not the click leads to a sale and if it does, they pay you a commission. (BOOM!).

What’s the importance of affiliate links? It allows affiliate programs or merchants to be able to track and record every successful click and sale you send to their product so that you can be paid.

Remember, the affiliate program will only pay you if people click on your link and PURCHASE the item, other than that you won’t be paid.

I have another post where I share with you more in detail on what is affiliate marketing and how it works. You can check it out.

How affiliate marketin work for beginners clickfunnels affiliate

8 Simple Steps To Become An Affiliate Marketer And Make Significant Money Through Affiliate Marketing

There’re many ways or steps you can take to start affiliate marketing.

The first step to becoming an affiliate is to first have the right mindset. Why? I’ll tell you why.

Step 1: Right Mindset

This is what a lot of people struggle with. People don’t have the faith and the belief that it’s possible for them to earn money online.

But here is the thing… If you really want to make money online, then you need to have the right mindset and attitude. And thus, believing that it’s possible for you.

And no matter the challenges you face, you’re going to make it.

Step 2: Knowledge

Knowledge is the key to succeeding at anything. Having knowledge about something can help you focus on the right things that will lead you to success. 

Knowledge helps you avoid tons of mistakes that might lead you to failure.


If you do not have knowledge about something before entering into it, your chances of succeeding with that are slim. 

And you’re likely to make tons of mistakes that might delay your success.

That said…

Before you choose any method of making money online. You need to make sure you at least have a little bit of knowledge about that area before going into it.

Why…? Like I said early on.

This will help you know the necessary things to focus on that will lead you to success and also what the market is actually in need of.

And how you can deliver exactly that to grab their attention.


Having knowledge about a niche or topic before going into it can help you identify what problems or pain the people in that industry are having challenges with.

And how best you can help them to win their TRUST by providing exact information that will help solve those problems for them.

And if you can win their trust, they will be willing to do business with you in the future which is a big advantage to you and I. Lol!

Step 3: Pick A Niche

choose a niche

Now, as you know the area you’re knowledgeable in, it’s time to pick a niche or topic related to that area of your expertise.

Wait… Another reason why I said you should have knowledge about a topic you pick is that it will help you be able to create valuable content that’ll attract targeted customers to your offer. 

Which you can easily convert into buyers overtime.

Taking this approach, you’ll be able to pull in more affiliate commissions than ever.

All the top affiliates I know, this is the strategy they leverage.

Step 4: Find Affiliate Programs And Join

affiliate programs scaled

Congratulations on picking your niche. Now, the next thing you’re going to do is to find a quality program you believe in and that’s related to your niche and join.

My requirement is that before you start promoting that program to your audience. Take time to go through it to see if it’s a good fit or not

And after going through it, if it helps you, then you’re good to go. Go ahead and start promoting it to your audience.

How Do I Find Affiliate Programs? Great question!

There are many ways to find out about that. However, I believe the easiest way to find affiliate programs is to Google search your “your niche name” And “affiliate programs” and you’ll discover a handful of them.

Another way to also go about that is to search popular affiliate networks like ClickBank and ShareAsale to see if they have affiliate programs related to your niche or industry.

These networks show you how much the program pays per sale.

By the way, if you’re looking for the best affiliate program to join… Check my Resource Page for my #1 recommended program to learn and at the same time earn income with affiliate marketing. 

This program offers a one-on-one coach that works directly with you, they also have a high ticket program meaning, no more small commission!.

Step 5: Decide On A Platform

traffic in affiliate marketing scaled

Now, as your product is ready, you need to pick a platform to promote that product. You can promote your product on platforms, like: 

  • Blog
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Tik Tok, etc

The above are all great platforms to promote your offer but in my opinion, if you really want to increase your affiliate sales. 

I would recommend you start a blog and YouTube channel. 

If you want to start your own blog which I highly recommend you do along with YouTube… Check out my post on how to start a successful blog that earns money, how to write a blog post and how to monetize your blog, and so on.

Step 6: Create Quality Content

create content to become a successful with affiliate marketing and make a lot of money

Online, you can’t become successful without first helping others, thus, creating helpful information that solves a problem that another individual is facing.

So, start by creating helpful, valuable, and high-quality content on your blog or YouTube channel. 

Then as time goes on, you can start placing your affiliate link in the part of your content that makes sense. (Where your affiliate link fits naturally).

But when you’re just starting out I’ll advise you to just focus on CONTENT. And gradually add your affiliate link to your post as they start bringing in traffic.

Step 7: Build An Email List From Your Content


The mistake I see a lot of people make in the affiliate marketing space is that they send people from their content directly to a raw affiliate link without first capturing their email addresses.

Well, to be honest with you…

If you’re not collecting your visitors’ email addresses before sending them to your offer. You’re leaving huge money on the table.

What I mean is that you won’t get the chance to re-market the product to them if they don’t buy the product at their first exposure, which the majority of them won’t.

And also, you won’t get the chance to promote your own product or different product to them in the future.


To avoid all that, I suggest you start building a list today. However, to build an email list, you’re going to need an email service provider.

There’re tons of them out there such as (GetResponse, LeadPage, Aweber, ConvertKit, and so on…)

But the one I’ll recommend for you is GetResponse.


GetResponse is an amazing email software. It has both a landing page and an autoresponder all built-in, in one place. 

A Landing Page that allows you to capture your visitor’s email address and an effective Autoresponse which allows you to promote and sell your product to your list.

free marketing min1

At the time of writing this post, I still used GetResponse and my experience with them was awesome.

So, how can I build an email list..? 

“You can offer a freebie that’s related to your niche and also help your audience and give it to them for free in exchange for their email addresses. These freebies can be in a form of:

  • Cheatsheet
  • Downloadable PDF
  • Checklist
  • Training courses, etc”.

Step 8: Drive Traffic To Your Content

type of traffic

Traffic in affiliate marketing is extremely important, meaning that without it, you won’t make money. 

The more traffic you get on your content, the higher the chances are that you’re more likely to get clicks on your affiliate link which might result in sales.


If you’re not getting any views on your content, it’s going to take you forever to earn money in your business.


What are the best ways to drive tons of traffic to your content? Well, there are 3 strategies to go about that and that’s…

  • Paid Traffic – This is where you pay money to send traffic to your content or site. The advantage of this is that you get instant traffic the moment you start paying for it. However, the disadvantage of this is that you’re likely to lose money if you don’t know how to do it right.
  • Organic Traffic – This is a process whereby you optimize your content to rank for specific keywords in search engines like Google. With this practice, you get consistent traffic without paying money. The only thing is, it takes time.
  • Email Marketing – You can set up a landing page to capture the email addresses of visitors to your site. And then promote your new content to them. This practice is by far one of the best ways of making money online nowadays. It’s a great way to get people back to your content.

P.S: I have another post where I go into detail on how to start and make money with affiliate marketing the right way, with tips and strategies… You can check it out here.

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer by Bright Kersh

Here Are Some Benefits Of Being An Affiliate

Let’s take a look at some advantages of doing affiliate marketing:

You Don’t Have To Create Your Own Product

One thing that makes affiliate marketing stand out among other businesses is that you don’t have to go through the headache of creating your own product to make money from affiliate marketing.

You can find a product created by another individual and join as an affiliate and start promoting that product as your own.

This is a great advantage for someone who’s just getting started online.

2. No Customer Support

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to deal with customer service or customer satisfaction. 

All you have to do is to market or promote your affiliate link on your blog or YouTube channel.

And if in case, people purchase the product and have issues with it,  you’re not to take care of that. The product creator or the company will take care of that for you.

3. You Can Work From Home Or Anywhere

If you’re tired of your 9 to 5 job, affiliate marketing is the solution to put a stop to that.

You can start and grow your own affiliate business without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Also, you can work on your business no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, you’re off to go.

How Much Can You Earn Through Affiliate Marketing?

“How much can you earn with affiliate marketing is endless, you can earn somewhere between $0 to $100,000 or more depending on various factors such as:

  1. Your niche
  2. Product/Service 
  3. The market demand for that product or service
  4. The commission rate for that product
  5. Your knowledge and skillset
  6. Efforts
  7. Your creativity, etc.

Generally, top affiliate marketers make 6 to 7-figures or more per month. An example is Pat Flynn from Smart passive income, this guy makes 6-figures every month from his affiliate business”.

pat flynn income report

Well, upon running a few research here is a piece of information I found on how much one can earn doing affiliate marketing: 

The bottom 10% of affiliate marketers earn $37,000, and the top 10% earn $71,000. Glassdoor’s affiliate marketing income statistics put potential earnings even higher. Average annual earnings for affiliate marketers are $65,800, with the range between $42,000 at the low end, and $83,000 at the top end. Source.

Well, in my personal experience, when I started using affiliate marketing, it took me a year to make my first $100 in commission from the program I was promoting.

Now, by seeing this amount, I’ve come to realize that I was not putting enough work and effort into promoting my product.

But as time went on, I decided to make a change and thought I need to work harder and also work smart.

And as I make that shift my income jumps from $100 to 1,000 per month.


So, here is what I have for you…

If you’re doing affiliate marketing for fun, my suggestion is, to get serious about it and treat it as a real business and you’ll see improvement.

How Much Do Affiliate Marketers Earn In Every Level:

Affiliate Level Of ExperienceIncome Per MonthTraffic Level
Beginning Affiliates$0 to $70 per month1,000 to 2,000 PVs
Average Affiliates$10,000 and more per month30,000 to 50,000 PVs
Top/Expert Affiliates$50,000 to 75,000 per month100,000 to 300,000 PVS
How do affiliate marketers make

P.S: How Long It Takes To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

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7 Tips To Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Income

Affiliate marketing is an incredible way of making money online.

However, it’s also very competitive and saturated and if you don’t take some measures into consideration, you’re likely not to make it.

“To succeed as an affiliate, you must first know what the market is in NEED OF, and provide exactly that. Learn how to market the right way to the right person. Know what’s currently working and what’s not”.

With that, you’re on the right path to success…

Below I Share With You Some Tips To Increase Your Income:

Know Who Your Audience Are 

Anytime you’re promoting a product, you must know who your target audiences are, and what they’re in need of or looking for.

And then find quality products that align properly with those needs.

Taking this approach will help you in the long run and know what marketing strategies you should leverage to get them to buy your product.

However, the mistake I see a lot of affiliates make is that they try to promote any product they see online, without knowing if it matches the market needs or not,

And at the end, it leads to the majority of them not actually getting any results with that product.

REMEMBER: You can’t promote dog food to cat owners. So it’s imperative you know who your audiences are and what they are in need of. And give them exactly that.

Choose High In-Demand Product

Picking a product that the market is actually in need of is one of the best things you can do in your business.

However, if that product is not in high demand in the marketplace, your chances of making a sale with that product are slim.

So, the best thing I can tell you is that. 

As you pick your product, take time to do proper research to find out if that product is also in high demand or not.

If you already have a product you’re promoting, I’ll still recommend you take some time to do a few Google searches to see if that product is in high demand or not.

Know About Your Product

It’s very funny if a customer asks you about a product you’re promoting and you’re not able to give him or her any tangible answer. 

So, what do I have to do? Great question! Take time to learn about the product.

But how can I go about that? Great question!

In my opinion, I believe the best way to go about that is to test the product yourself (buy the product and use it).

And then gather all the information you can about it.

You can also head over to the website of the product and ask the customer support team about the product and I believe they’ll give some helpful information.

Why Should I know about a product before promoting it…?

The benefit of this is that you’ll be able to promote the product with confidence and also, be able to create honest and high-quality reviews about the product that will rank on search engines. Which might increase the chances of you getting loyal customers to buy the product.

People just love the fact that you’re honest and transparent.

Key takeaway… In your review, don’t talk about only the good side of the product. But, talk also about the bad side of it and give your own opinion of what you think they can do to improve it. 

People will love you for that. 

how to get rich quote scaled

Use Multiple Traffic Sources To Promote Your Product

When you’re just starting out it’s important that you focus only on one traffic source but as time goes on, you’re getting enough attraction (success) with that platform.

It’s absolutely normal and okay to add another traffic source.


Because the more eyeballs (targeted traffic) you send to your product sales page the higher the chances are that you’ll generate sales.

For example, if you have 3 traffic sources, and every month each of them drives 1,000 views to your product sale page. 

Imagine your chances of making a sale out of that.

Test, Track, And Measure The Performance Of Your Affiliate Link

It’s a smart way to keep a record of how your affiliate link is performing, in order to know what’s working and what’s not working so that you can make immediate changes or adjustments.

Making these changes might help you boost your sales.

So, never forget to test the performance of your link to what’s working and then make a change if things are not going as you expected.

There’re tons of tracking tools out there. There are free and paid tracking tools. But for now, I’ll suggest you use free tracking tools.

Don’t Spam People With Your Affiliate Link

A lot of people approach affiliate marketing with one goal in mind and that’s to make money.

And not actually focusing on the NEEDS of the person who’s going to buy the product. 

Well, let me tell you this, that’s not how things work. You’re missing out on the steps.

Business is about helping people and if your business doesn’t help people, then you’re not running a business.

So, here is the thing…

If you don’t focus on helping people first before recommending them a product.

I can tell you from experience that you won’t go far.

So, what do I have to do? You ask a good question!

First, what I want you to focus on is helping your audience, by providing helpful information that helps them in their business or life.

And then after that, you can recommend them a product that you think will further help them solve their problems even if you’re not an affiliate of that product.

Why…? Because we’re trying to build TRUST and RELATIONSHIP with them first which will eventually pay off in the long run.

So first, provide VALUE to build TRUST with your audience and then recommend PRODUCT.

Focus On Your Topic

The number one reason why people fail to make money online is that they focus on too many things all at once.

This is what I did when I first got started, I was focusing on too many things all at once and it really delayed my success.

So, here is my advice to you, don’t spread yourself too wide. Focus on one niche or topic, master it and become the expert or got-to-person for help in your industry.

Taking this approach will help you earn significant income in your business in the long run.


So, at the end of the day my final thought on the question – can you really make a significant income using affiliate marketing.

Yes, it’s absolutely and definitely possible to make a significant income doing affiliate marketing, however, it’s not easy, it going to require the following:

  • A lot of hard work and time
  • Learning curve
  • Quality content
  • You need to treat affiliate marketing like a real business 
  • Consistency
  • Focusing on one particular strategy
  • patient.

And don’t try to figure out everything by yourself. Affiliate marketing is a broad topic.

So, find someone in your niche who’s already successful with what you’re doing and learn directly from them. It will save you precious time and mistakes!.

Can You Make Significant Money From Affiliate Marketing FAQs!

Can You Get Rich With Affiliate Marketing?

The answer to that is yes. You can possibly get rich doing affiliate marketing if you go about it the right way. However, I believe the best way to achieve that is to first consider promoting high ticket products which are in high demand in the marketplace and that pays you a big commission”

How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

First and foremost, making money with affiliate marketing doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and hard work. It can take you about 6 to 12 months or more to earn your first income doing affiliate marketing (stern).

However, if you expect things to move faster and quicker, then the best route to take is to run paid advertisements. Which also requires some sort of knowledge and money in order to become successful at it.

It can be very profitable when done right.

What Is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing?

In my opinion, I think the future of affiliate marketing is very great and has a very bright future and it’s here to stay forever. There are actually more opportunities online now than ever. The reason is that a lot of big brands rely solely on affiliate marketing to promote their product and would like to hire affiliates to promote their products online and give them a cut for bringing sales.

Can I Post Affiliate Link On Instagram

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing on Instagram and Facebook by placing the affiliate link you got from your affiliate program in your account bio. The best way to go about this is to write a helpful piece of content about the product and attach a quality picture or video to it and share it on your Instagram stories or timeline or any related group you’re in. But you have to be active on Instagram.

Who Is Considered An Affiliate?

Well, to my understanding, an affiliate is anyone who makes a commission (money) by promoting and selling other people’s products using a platform like a blog, YouTube, or social media.

Who Are The Most Successful Affiliate Marketers In The World?

Below I share with you some of the top affiliates you need to follow to be successful with affiliate marketing:

  1. Pat Flynn
  2. David Sharpe
  3. Charles Ngo
  4. John Chow
  5. Finch Sells
  6. John Crestani
  7. Affiliate Summit
  8. Nathan Lucas
  9. Darren Rowse
  10. Neil Patel
  11. Zack Crawford
  12. Jeremy Schoemaker
  13. Rafael Zelik

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