How To Do Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest? (Full Tutorial)

Can you do affiliate marketing on Pinterest

“Can you do affiliate marketing on Pinterest?” When it comes to affiliate marketing, a lot of people don’t know you can use Pinterest to promote affiliate programs and still earn a significant income.

People only think of Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc, as the only way to promote affiliate links.

To put it simply – yes, you can do affiliate marketing on Pinterest, but I found it works best if you create a website or blog and then point people to your website so they can purchase the product. Taking this approach, you’re more likely to get better results.

So, instead of promoting your affiliate links directly on Pinterest, you want to link pins to blog articles that contain offers.

Taking this approach, you’ll get better results in the long run than posting direct affiliate links on Pinterest.

Read on to better understand your question. Plus, how to do affiliate marketing using Pinterest and some mistakes to avoid when doing affiliate marketing via Pinterest, and many more.

With that being said, let’s roll!

What Is Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

what is affiliate marketing and how to make significant money from affiliate marketing

Pinterest affiliate marketing is a tactic where you market or recommend affiliate products or services on Pinterest for your followers to purchase.

When your followers purchase the product, you get paid money which is termed as a commission.

This is at no additional cost to your buyers. It’s a win-win situation here.

Your buyers need something that will help solve their problem or pain and you get paid for just helping them out.

Can You Do Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest?

As already mentioned, Pinterest does allow its creators to add affiliate links to their pins on their platform.

You can create high-quality or appropriate images, titles, and descriptions and add your affiliate links directly to Pinterest.

That said.

When it comes to affiliate marketing via Pinterest, there are two options you can take.

You can directly place your affiliate link on your pin. 

Or you can use Pinterest to promote blog articles from your site that include affiliate links.

And then try to convert those visitors into potential buyers or customers from there.

That said.

In my opinion, I think the best way to do affiliate marketing using Pinterest is to use Pinterest to send people to your website and then convert them there.

This strategy when done right, you can earn significant income from your affiliate business.


Be careful, as they can easily block your account if you’re misusing the platform policy.

I’d suggest before you start using the platform, take time to read its Terms and Conditions.

In the terms and conditions, they’ll clearly state whether or not they allow direct affiliate links or not.

And if it happens that they do allow direct affiliate links, you still need to follow certain rules before inserting your affiliate links on the platform.

If not you’ll get your account banned permanently or suspended, just be sure of that.

Just make sure you know what they allow and what they don’t allow on the platform.

Why Use Pinterest For Affiliate Marketing?

Pinterest is a visual platform, since it’s an image-based platform, you don’t need to create any content, you just need to share images with your affiliate link on the site.

Here are a afew benefits of using Pinterest For Promoting Affiliate Products:

  • Visual Appeal Draws Attention: Pinterest’s visually-driven platform allows affiliate marketers to showcase products and services in an eye-catching manner. Engaging images and graphics can captivate users, making it more likely for them to click on affiliate links and explore further.
  • Targeted Audience Engagement: Pinterest users often search for specific interests and ideas, creating an environment conducive to targeted affiliate marketing. By strategically pinning content related to popular niches or trends, affiliates can connect with a relevant audience already interested in the promoted products, increasing the likelihood of conversions.
  • Long-Term Content Exposure: Pins on Pinterest have a longer lifespan compared to other social media platforms. The “evergreen” nature of content allows affiliate marketers to benefit from prolonged visibility, as users discover and save pins over time. This extended exposure enhances the chances of driving consistent traffic to affiliate links, resulting in sustained affiliate revenue.

How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest

how to start a digital marketing business

Using Pinterest for affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative and efficient ways of driving high-quality traffic to your affiliate offers and start to see increasingly in affiliate sales over time.

Below are the steps to how to make money with affiliate marketing on Pinterest:

Step 1. Decide On A Niche

To start affiliate marketing via Pinterest, you first of all need to decide on a niche.

A niche is simply a topic you’re interested in and want to build your business around.

PS. Here are some profitable niches for affiliate marketing.

Step 2. Research And Choose An Affiliate Program

As your niche is ready, the next step is to research and pick a quality affiliate program.

Make sure the program is related to your niche and your audience interest.

Step 3. Create A Pinterest Business Account

social paid traffic methods for affiliate marketing

Now, as your niche and affiliate product are ready, the next step is to create a business account with Pinterest.

A Pinterest business account enables you to add your affiliate links to your Pins and provides you with analytics to track the performance of your affiliate pins.

Step 4. Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

As your account is up and running, you want to take time to customize your Pinterest profile to reflect your niche and the types of products or services you’ll be promoting.

Note: On your profile, you want to use a clear and appealing profile picture, write an engaging bio,  and include relevant keywords or phrases related to your niche and promoted product.

Step 5. Build Relevant Pinterest Boards

As you have optimized your Pinterest account profile. Next you want to create boards on your Pinterest account that are relevant to your niche or specifically for your affiliate product. 

Simply put – make sure your board title and description have relevant keywords related to your niche and affiliate product.

Why? Pinterest uses these board descriptions for search results.

Step 6. Create an Engaging Pin Using Canva


As you’re done with the above-mentioned, next, you want to sign up with Canva and create a beautiful, eye-catching, and informative pin for your affiliate product.

Step 7. Download The Pin And Upload It To Your Pinterest board

Now, you’ll want to download the image and upload it to the pin image section on your Pinterest account.

how to do affiliate marketing using Pinterest

Before you publish the pin to your board, do keyword research to find out what other key phrases people are searching for on Pinterest that are related to your affiliate offer or niche.

Then, add those key phrases as the description of the pin, and then add your affiliate link to the pin.

Step 8. Publish The Pin

After that’s done, upload the pin to your Pinterest board.

PRO TIP: As an affiliate marketer myself, I think one of the most effective ways of using Pinterest for promoting affiliate products is to create your own affiliate website.

And on your site, you’ll want to create compelling content or guides that answer people’s questions. 

Then, create 3 to 5 image pins. Upload these pins to Pinterest and link them to your post.

As you’re getting traffic (people) from Pinterest to read your content, you can then place your affiliate link within the content.

And get them to buy the product there instead.

For most of the top affiliates in the world, this is the marketing strategy they utilize.

How Much Do Pinterest Affiliate Marketers Make?

Well, how much you can earn with affiliate marketing using Pinterest is endless.

Most research topics on Pinterest are food, beauty, travel, decoration, craft, etc, if your niche falls under topics that are mostly searched on Pinterest you can earn a lot.

However, in general, most top affiliate marketers on Pinterest earn anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 per month and more. 

And this is because.

Most of these affiliate marketers are good at writing valuable content and making beautiful, high-quality pin images that attract people to their pins and websites.

That said…

To make a good income from your affiliate business, you need to master certain skills such as content creation graphic design, etc.

“If you can create attractive images and useful content, you’ll possibly make a decent affiliate income with Pinterest”.

Best Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Tips And Strategy

If you want to be successful with Pinterest marketing, you must follow the right strategy.

Below, I share with you some of the best practices if you want to succeed with affiliate marketing using Pinterest.

  • Step #1: Pick A Niche You’re Interested In
  • Step #2: Select High In Demand Affiliate Product
  • Step #3: Build A Website And Create High-Quality Content On Your Site
  • Step #4: Promote Your Affiliate Link Within Your Content
  • Step #4: Create A Pinterest Business Account
  • Step #5: Choose 5-10 Of Your Most Performing Content
  • Step #6: Create 5 -20 New Pins For Each Of These Performing Content
  • Step #7: Add Text To The Image That Explains What The Image Is About
  • Step #8: Upload The Image To Pinterest, Then Link The Image To Your Content And Then Publish The Image To Your Pinterest Board
  • Step #9: Incorporate Relevant Keywords In The Description Of Your Pin
  • Step #10: Create A Schedule Campaign With Tailwind To Constantly Share Your Pin Into Your Pinterest Boards And Groups Board
  • Step #11: Don’t Send Visitors To Direct Affiliate Links, Build A Funnel To Capture Their Email Addresses And Market Your Product To Them Through Email Marketing.
  • Step #12: Analyze And Make Adjustments

Above are the steps to make money on Pinterest through affiliate marketing.

How To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest

how to become a successful in affiliate marketing

The key to succeeding with affiliate marketing on Pinterest is to be consistent on the site by sharing quality and attractive pin images related to your niche and product on a daily basis.

You’ll have to create content and post it on the site on a consistent basis. 

Over time people will start to engage with you.

The idea is to produce content that solves people’s problems or pains, and then send them to your website to read the content there. 

Then sell your product to them through the content.

Posting 10-25 pins per day, you’ll start to see some attractions on Pinterest. 


It’s going to take a whole lot of time, effort, and work to be consistent on the platform, however,  you need to be willing to put in the work in order to see any sort of success.

You can also join other people’s pinboards and post on their boards, this will allow you to start getting a targeted audience.

And start to see some commission rolling into your account.

If you don’t post a pin, you’re not going to get traffic.

What Are Some Pinterest Affiliate marketing Rules?

Pinterest’s policies may have change, so it’s essential to check their official guidelines for the most up-to-date information.

That said, as of my last update, here are some general guidelines related to affiliate marketing on Pinterest:

Pinterest’s Acceptable Use Policy:

Ensure that your affiliate marketing activities comply with Pinterest’s Acceptable Use Policy.

This includes not promoting content that violates their guidelines, such as content that promotes hate speech, violence, or illegal activities.

Disclose Affiliate Relationships:

Clearly disclose your affiliate relationships. Transparency is crucial, and Pinterest encourages users to provide clear and honest information about any affiliate links or sponsored content.

Avoid Misleading or Deceptive Practices:

Do not engage in misleading or deceptive practices or marketing. Represent the products or services accurately, and avoid creating false expectations or misleading claims about the items you are promoting.

Respect Copyright and Intellectual Property:

Respect copyright laws and intellectual property rights. Only use images and content that you have the right to use, and do not infringe on the rights of others.

Pinterest’s Advertising Guidelines:

If you plan to use paid advertising on Pinterest for affiliate marketing, review Pinterest’s Advertising Guidelines. There may be specific rules and restrictions for paid promotions.

Create Quality and Relevant Content:

Pinterest values high-quality, relevant content. Ensure that your pins provide value to users and are related to the interests and topics they are searching for on the platform.

Stay Informed about Policy Changes:

Pinterest may update its policies, so it’s essential to stay informed about any changes. You want to regularly check Pinterest’s official resources for the latest guidelines related to affiliate marketing.

Always refer to Pinterest’s official documentation and guidelines for the most accurate and current information on.

Can I Make Money With Pinterest Without Affiliate Links?

Yes, you can!

You don’t necessarily need an affiliate product to make money with Pinterest. 

You can place ads on your blog and then use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

With Ads, you make money simply by sending people to view the ad banners on your blog.

And the more people that visit your blog and view your ads, the more money you make.

Apart from affiliate marketing, ads are another great way of making money on a blog. 

Create high-quality and relevant content and share it on Pinterest.

And if people click and view your content on your website, you earn money.

Can I Do Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest Without A Website

Pinterest does accept direct affiliate links, so if you don’t even have a website you can use Pinterest as your promotional platform.

Just create a business account with Pinterest, and after that, you want to create a board for your profile.

Then create an image, write a little description of the pin, and then place your affiliate link in the link bar of the image.

By the way, I want you to take note of this: Pinterest does not accept shortened links, so don’t try to shorten your link before placing it on the platform.

You could get banned for doing so.

What Are Some Of The Pitfalls to Avoid When Using Pinterest For Affiliate Marketing

If you run an affiliate marketing business, then Pinterest is one of the best platform to use in terms of driving traffic to your affiliate offers.

You could start to generate affiliate commissions in no time if you use Pinterest properly.

But the sad thing is that a handful of people who get on Pinterest don’t know how to use the platform properly for affiliate marketing.

And they eventually get blocked or banned.

In my opinion, I think one of the main reasons why people get banned or blocked on Pinterest is because they don’t actually know the site policy for affiliate marketing and what it is about.

That said, I want to give you a brief overview of some of the things to look for when trying to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing.

Is Pinterest Good For Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, it is!

Pinterest can be one of the lucrative platforms for promoting affiliate products, especially if your niche falls under topics that are mostly searched on the platform.

Pinterest is best for niches that revolve around food, beauty, health, travel, etc.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it if you’re in a niche that doesn’t fall under those most searched topics on the platform.

The only thing is that you’re going to get less attraction than niches that are mostly searched on the platform.

Does Pinterest Allow Amazon Or ClickBank Affiliate Links?

Yes, they do. You can use Pinterest to generate traffic to your Amazon or ClickBank affiliate links but I found it works best if you’re using it to direct traffic to your affiliate website instead of direct linking.

Is Pinterest The Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, it is, and more importantly if your niche falls under topics that are most searched on the platform. Also, Pinterest can be very profitable for affiliate marketing as it’s a search platform and traffic from searches is very targeted traffic which can result in quick sales. The best traffic source for affiliate marketing is found through a search.

Pinterest Vs Facebook, Which Is Better For Affiliate Marketing?

If you’re looking to generate targeted traffic to your affiliate link, then Pinterest is the best option. Pinterest can drive tons of targeted organic traffic to your affiliate link without you having to pay money, unlike Facebook.

But the key to success on Pinterest is to post consistently, the more pins you post, the more traffic you’re likely to get. On Pinterest time is a huge factor, you need patience, and there is no overnight success.

How Do Beginners Make Money On Pinterest?

1. Find your niche
2. Join affiliate products related to your niche
3. Open a business account with Pinterest
4. Create boards that are relevant to your topic and product
5. Create high-quality content on your website
6. Create images that are related to the content on your website
7. Post the images to Pinterest and link your image to your blog post
8. Write a description of your image and add tags related to your niche
9. Press Publish

How Can I Become An Affiliate On Pinterest?

If you are an affiliate marketer, you can use Pinterest to get traffic on your affiliate link. You can join Pinterest and create a board that reflects your topic then add pins with images and descriptions and then link your affiliate products or services.

You can also pin an image to direct people to your website or YouTube channel where they can learn more about your offer.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Make Money on Pinterest?

Well, Pinterest works like a search engine. It is a visual search engine platform, so it is not about how many followers. It’s all about creating a pin with an image that’ll attract people’s attention and optimizing it for search that’ll draw views and clicks to your website, landing page, or product page. Consider Pinterest as a search engine, not a social media platform.

How Do I Become Famous On Pinterest?

If you want to become famous on Pinterest you have to put time and effort into producing quality content that helps solve people’s problems and pain. Online, it is all about content.
Content is king, it’s the key to becoming famous or popular on any platform, not Pinterest alone, so you want to focus on producing useful value for people.
And more importantly, don’t create content just for the purpose of becoming famous but rather do it because you want to help someone and also you’re passionate about what you do.

What Is The Best Affiliate Program For Pinterest?

Well, it kinda of depends on your niche, Pinterest is mainly used by Women, moms, and Bloggers. If you’re in the health, fashion, and beauty space you’ll really do well on this platform just hover over ClickBank and look for products related to your niche.
However, any niche or program can do really well on Pinterest so long as people are searching for it on the platform.
By the way, here are some of the high-paying niches on Pinterest:
Home Decoration

What Is The Best Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Course?

There are tons of courses out there online about how to market on Pinterest. But currently, there’s only one course that I’d recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to make money using Pinterest and make a decent income online. The best Pinterest course right now is: Pinterest Traffic Avalanche by Create and Go. In the course you’ll learn how to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing and not only that, you’ll also learn how to drive traffic to your website using Pinterest and many more.

That’s It, Folks!

To conclude, “can you do affiliate marketing on Pinterest?” Yes, you can. There have been doubts as to whether affiliate links are allowed on Pinterest or not, however, doing affiliate marketing on this site is quite possible nowadays.

So, it’s time to change your doubtful mind about this platform when it comes to promoting affiliate marketing products.

Pinterest is not only about sharing beautiful photos, it can become your promotion platform where you promote your affiliate product or service and generate a healthy income from your business.

There you have it on how to “start affiliate marketing on Pinterest”, hope you find value in it.

Can you do affiliate marketing on Pinterest
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