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affiliate marketing strategy

Affiliate marketing is said to be one of the best ways of making money online, however, it’s not an easy business as it seems to be. The only way to succeed is when you commit to learning, goal-setting, discipline, patience, and above all using a strategic plan. 

There is nothing like an affiliate marketing strategy, but, there are certain rules you can follow in order to succeed with affiliate marketing and it all depends on your approach. Having a good strategy in place will ultimately help you increase your conversion and sales, which is the main key in doing affiliate marketing.

In most cases, your success might also depend in the niche or the industry you are in. 

As an affiliate marketer, your primary goal is to target a specific audience who might be at least interested in what you’re promoting.

This means you must have a specific strategy that’s proven to work in order to attract those audiences which might eventually become your ideal customer in the long run.

So in this post, I’ll be sharing with you some of the top affiliate marketing strategies that can literally help you increase your affiliate income.

But first, let’s take a look at why you need a marketing strategy:

Why Do You Need An Affiliate Marketing Strategy?

You don’t necessarily need a strategy in order to start affiliate marketing but if you’re someone who doesn’t want to waste money, and time without getting the desired results, then having a good strategy is a must not an option.

Having a good strategy is the key to many businesses’ success. You need strategy simply because it helps you reach a more targeted audience and also helps you generate leads and sales.

Every successful entrepreneur you see online who are making 6,7 and even 8-figures all have a strategy they utilize. 

So if you really want your business to succeed, be sure to invest some time in learning new strategies every single day from other successful people in your industry.

Remember: What worked yesterday won’t work today.

How To Determine Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

It’s not easy to come out with your own strategy, it requires tons of testing and failures, predictions, and more importantly your knowledge about the market or topic. However, the best way to determine your strategy is to test, learn, and implement as you learn.

Affiliate marketing is all about building TRUST with a customer, so you can come out with your own strategy by connecting with other top affiliates in your niche to see what’s working for them and then adding your own twist to it.

Also, you can determine your own strategy based on your experience.

The Important Of Having A Marketing Strategy

Well, having a good marketing plan or strategy is the key element of any business growth and development. It’s very crucial to have a plan to implement when running a business. It’s like having a roadmap or blueprint.

Having a marketing plan or strategy is the main key to your business success and without it, you may not be able to attract prospects and customers and your business might fail in the long run.

A good plan or strategy will help you achieve more in your business in the long run. So make it a priority to have a plan of action.

Here is some important and benefit of having a marketing plan or strategy:

Brand Or Business Awareness

When you’re a beginner or start a new business, people do not trust you at first, simply because they don’t know who you are and the kind of services you provide.

So it’s through the implementation of a marketing plan or strategy that’ll make people become aware of you and your business, and where they can find you if they’re interested in your service.

Attract And Grab The Attention of New Customers

You can only make money in your business if you find potential customers and convert them into buyers. Here you can address exactly the problem that your product or service solves in your marketing plan. 

Then if they become aware of what actually the service does, it might lead to a sale.

It Helps To Know What Works And What Doesn’t

To have a successful business, you can’t be doing the wrong thing and expecting different results. You need to analyze everything you are doing to see if it’s working or not and having a plan of action will make it easy to measure your progress.

Now, let’s quickly jump to the main point where we’re here.

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Both Beginners And Advance Affiliates

affiliate marketing strategy for beginners

Affiliate marketing when done well can enable you to earn passive or residual income every single day (24 hours), simply by placing your affiliate link in front of people who are already interested in your offer.

The only thing you need is to learn a simple skillset and that’s learning how to produce high-quality, relevant, and valuable content that solves a specific problem and challenges your target audiences are facing.


There are many strategies you can leverage when it comes to affiliate marketing. But the first thing you need to do to succeed online with affiliate marketing is to first create an effective marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at some of the strategies that you can use to increase your affiliate income and dominate your niche.

1. Do A Research

Taking time to do quality research is one of the major thing all top affiliates are very good at. Research should be the first thing you should focus on before setting up anything else in order to see what’s working and what’s not.

Doing thorough research helps you to determine the following:

  • Figure out where your ideal customers hang out online.
  • Which keywords to target to reach your potential audiences.
  • What kind of product or services the market is in need of, etc.

2. Pick The Right Affiliate Program

There are many affiliate programs out there and among them, there are good and bad ones. So you should take your time to do thorough research before picking one


When you promote an offer to your audience and it doesn’t add any value to their life, you might lose the TRUST you build with them and next time they might not have faith in any of your recommendations.

This is because when you join an affiliate program you promote their product as your own and influence people to buy the product.

To influence more customers or people to make buying decisions anytime you promote an offer to them. You need to work with a program that’s proven to work and help meet the needs of your audience.

So again be mindful of the affiliate program you work with.

Now, if you can follow that pattern exactly, people will always be willing to buy anytime you promote to them because they know it’s going to help them.

Here are a few things to look at when choosing an affiliate program to join. Check whether or not:

  • They have good customer support service.
  • They have good authority in the industry.
  • If other people are making money promoting the product, etc.

Doing all of this, will help you identify which program to work with and that your effort is not in vain. So be sure to choose your affiliate network or program wisely.

3. Repurpose Your Content

Online content is always KING. Creating helpful content purposely for people to consume is a great step to attract more customers to you. It’s also a great way of building TRUST and authority in your field.

Building up a more helpful content on your site or Youtube channel over time, you’ll start to see some growth in traffic, and the more traffic you get, the more sales you’ll probably generate.

Remember: The quality of your content will determine the quality of customer or audience you’ll attract and the more clicks you’ll get on your affiliate link which might turn into a purchase.

Another way to drive potential audiences or customers to your affiliate link is to focus on creating evergreen content.

IMPORTANT: Don’t produce your content and then wait and hope for Google to send organic traffic to your site. Do some marketing yourself, promote your content through a variety of channels.

You can create and promote your content using the following:

  • Video – Video marketing is trending nowadays, a lot of people prefer to watch short valuable informational videos than reading text, so including video content in your strategy along with written content can really help you in the long run.
  • Guest Post –  Posting high-quality content to already established sites in your niche can really help you get quality backlinks and traffic to your own site.

4. Understand Your Customers Needs And Challenges

It’s often said, if you’re marketing to anybody, you’re marketing to no one. In order to know what challenges and needs your potential customers have, and how you can solve them, you first need to take a step ahead to understand the problem.

And as you understand their problem, you need to go ahead and provide a solution to that problem in a very helpful way.

NB: In the marketing space, you only win if you know what your customer needs and provide exactly that in a helpful way.

5. Optimize Your Product Page For Conversion

Almost every top affiliate marketer invests in paid advertisement to drive eyeballs (traffic) to their products. In my opinion, I think it’s a great strategy but here is the thing.

You can’t just say oh, I’m driving traffic to my offer and I’ll definitely make a sale. No, it doesn’t work that way, you need to make sure as people land on your product page they buy the product.

So how do you do that…? 

You need to provide enough helpful information for them to decide ( Give them a reason why they should buy the product), and optimize your product page to boost your click-through rate (CTR).

Here some ways to boost your click-through rate and sale:

  • Make Your Site Load Fast – Your site load time is very important not just for conversion alone but for ranking your site as well. Imagine your site takes 5 minutes to load fully, a lot of people don’t have the patience to wait that long, and guess what, they will bounce back, and what does that mean, you lose a potential customer, and it also a signal to Google that your site is not authoritative.
  • Quality Product review – Providing high-quality, relevant, valuable, and honest information about a product can help increase conversion and sales. In your review make sure to give reasons why they should buy the product. Also include the pros and cons of the product. If you can do that people will trust you and just decide to buy from you.
  • Product Picture – Having some high-quality pictures of the product in your review can attract and grab a customer’s attention to buy.

Above are some of the things you should be focusing on if you want to get more customers and sales.

6. Ask For A Sale

So many people think asking for a sale from a customer is bad. No, it’s not if you’re delivering enough helpful content in return. Creating content is a lot of work and it takes time, so, at least you need to be rewarded. So never feel ashamed to ask for a sale.

Sometimes, you won’t even ask for it, it will just come automatically if you focus on just helping people.

7. Utilize Multiple Traffic Sources

This is something a lot of people take for granted and it prevents most of them from being successful. In my opinion, I think traffic is another thing you should focus on more apart from content.

I believe you’ve heard this saying before “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Leveraging different traffic sources can help you in the long-haul. Because the more traffic you’re able to generate, the higher your income and business growth

WARNING!… If you’re just starting up, I suggest you focus on only one traffic source over time until you’re getting enough attraction from that platform before moving to another one.

 However, generating targeted traffic from different channels is the secret and the easy way of scaling your income than building another business from scratch.

The fact here is that getting traffic is not that hard but the thing is that it’s hard to believe that if you and I put in the work today. 

Months or years later, we can actually start getting tons of traffic, but the amazing thing is that most people give up before reaching that stage. My recommendation: Stick to the process and you will surely see the result.

You can test different traffic sources to see which one will work best for you. Here are some best traffic sources you can leverage to promote your offer.

  1. YouTube: Youtube is an amazing platform for driving traffic to affiliate links. YouTube gets over tens and thousands of video views per month. You can start with YouTube by creating a video and linking your affiliate link in the description box below your video.
  1. Email Marketing: Email is still the number tool for growing and scaling an online business. If you have tons of subscribers, you can promote your offer to them and it can literally help you drive more conversions.
  1. Blog: You can create your own personal blog and then focus on producing product review blog posts. Doing that can really help you drive tons of traffic to your blog which might lead to sales.

Driving traffic from multiple channels can help you get the best out of a product or service you are promoting as an affiliate. It also helps you to understand your target audience.

8. Analyze The Market And Your Competitors

Whatever niche, market, or industry you are in, you need to try as much as you can in order to become the expert or a go-to-person in that field so, you can beat your competitors. And with that, you need to have knowledge in: 

  • What is currently happening in the market you’re in.
  • What your competitors are doing and what marketing method is working for them.
  • What is the latest marketing strategy people are leveraging?
  • What are your competitor’s weak points and how you can overtake them, etc.

Doing this will help you identify things that your competitors are not aware of and you’ll be able to come out with new ideas to overcome them.

9. Find who Your Ideal Customers Are, What They Like And Establish Your Marketing Methods

When determining who your ideal customers are, you need to first figure out where they mostly hang-out (which is social media they like, forums, sites, and blogs, etc).

And then pick a marketing method that you think will work best for you to communicate, explain, teach, and to send your message out in a better way to reach your customers.

Now, when sending your message out there, you need to make sure you create a buyer persona. 

So how do you create a buyer persona? You do this by simply conducting research based on your current customers, interviews, and surveys.

If you want to create your own buyer persona there’re tons of online tools that can help you. Check out this article here from klcampbell.com on top 5 customer personal generator tools.

Why creating a buyer persona important? As a marketer, creating a buyer persona is very necessary and important for marketing any kind of products and services. It helps you understand what your ideal customers and target audience are (thinking, expecting, and planning, etc).

When you know what exactly your ideal customers want and what challenges they’re facing, and how you can quickly help them it will eventually help your business transform in the long run. 

Check out this article from Huspot.com on how to create a buyer persona.

10. Don’t Give up

Making money online probably with affiliate marketing is not an easy thing, the only way you could possibly become successful is to commit to learning, be consistent and take massive action, and above all be patient.


Affiliate marketing can help you attract customers and turn them into buyers, however, you need to understand that it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. 

You need to pick the right product and have a strategic plan to boost your conversion. If you can do that successfully affiliate marketing can filthy make you rich.

If you have reached The end of this post, BRAVO, let me know your thoughts in the comment below.

Have you used any affiliate marketing strategy that has helped you?

Please share with me in the comment below. Thanks!

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