How To Scale Affiliate Marketing To 6-Figure A Month

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How to scale affiliate marketing to 6-figure a month?

Making a 6-figure with affiliate marketing is absolutely possible, only if you are willing to put in the necessary work, effort, and time it requires to become successful with this business model.

Affiliate marketing has been the main income stream for many people, both experts and beginners to make money online. You can scale it to 7-figure a month or even make more than that when you just committed to learning the process and steps it takes to get there.

Affiliate marketing has been introduced on the internet since 1989 by a man named William .J Tobin who holds the world title as the first internet marketer. He is the founder of PC Flower & Gift and launches the first affiliate marketing program called Prodigy network. In 1993 he made $6 million a year from Prodigy Network. 

Then, later on, came Amazon with their Amazon associate program in 1996 and it was them that made affiliate marketing popular up to today, though it was not them that first launched this business model.

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to make money online for anyone who wants to make money and escape their 9 to 5 to include me. It is one of the best and easiest ways for a complete beginner to start making some income right online or probable passive income.

Today, I’m going to share with you the best way to make 6-figure online with affiliate marketing and the best ideal and steps that can make you financially free.

If you are brand new to affiliate marketing this post is for you because what I will be sharing here can save you a year of mistakes and failures and if you are already into affiliate marketing, great but I’ll share something here that you have never come across before. So stay to the end.

I still don’t know why people don’t get to make money online and why most people fail and struggle with affiliate marketing. I came to realize and understood that we need ideas and step by step that can bring success to our life and business fast.

Affiliate marketing is the only online business that you can make 6-figure and even scale it to earn more just by following some steps and techniques. And I will share that with you here.

But before those steps and techniques, let’s look at how affiliate marketing has made online marketers millionaires.

How Affiliate Marketing Has Made People Successful Millionaires?

Affiliate marketing has changed the lives of people around the globe who are struggling financially, and those who are tired of their 9 to 5 jobs and want the freedom to do more of what they want.

what do they do to achieve that success? Great question!

They just commit their time, effort into learning, and taking massive action on their business and what they learned and they become successful.

With the help of the internet and they can operate their business wherever they are in the world. That’s the power of the internet.

The internet has opened an opportunity door for anyone who wants to be an affiliate marketer and have the chance to meet millions of people around the globe to promote their product just with a push of a button.

What affiliate marketers do? Affiliate marketers sell individual or company products or services that people already want and they get paid a commission when someone buys through their link. The product can be promoted in the form of banners, video or text, etc.

The commission is usually $50 to $1000 depending on the product you promote. This is what they do and make money online.

The reason why super affiliates make more money than beginners is that the super affiliates follow a technique that allows them to make more money in their business than the beginning affiliate and we will look at that later in the article.

How Do I Become Successful Affiliate marketer

There are two ways to go about this, first, you need to know how affiliate marketing works and what goes into it before you learn how you can become successful as an affiliate marketer.

So how does affiliate marketing work? Let’s take a look at that first.

how can i make money with affiliate marketing

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting or marketing an individual’s or company’s product in which you get rewards in the form of commission paid out for each visitor and purchase made by the person you send to the affiliate offer. 

In simple language, it is when you refer someone to any product and when the person buys the product based on your recommendation, the company then pays you a commission for the product purchase.

You can get paid from $1 to $1000 depending on the product or the company you are promoting. Many companies that sell products or services online normally have an affiliate program. You can simply google your niche+affiliate program and find some good programs, to join and get your unique tracking link.

Affiliate Marketing is into 3 forms. Advertiser, Publisher, and Consumer.

1.The Advertiser can be a person or company that owns or creates the products for affiliate marketers or people to promote. The product can be in the form of Shoes, Courses, Electronics, Weight loss products, etc. Advertisers are the ones who pay commissions for affiliates or people that promote their products or services.

2. A Publisher can be an individual or company that has his own website or blog or any platform that he uses to promote an advertiser’s products or services in exchange for earning a commission.  A publisher can buy traffic to promote the product.

The publisher agrees on a contract to work with the advertiser and he writes quality content that helps people solve their problems and publishes the content on his blog or website or even YouTube with advertiser’s links, banners or text ads to attract viewers.

3. The Consumer is the person that completes the process of affiliate marketing relationship. The consumer is the one who sees the ads or links that the publisher shares and takes action by clicking the link and completes the purchase action, which we call conversion. And when that happens the advertiser and the publisher share the %.

Before jumping into starting an affiliate marketing business, one needs to understand how the whole concept works, what it takes and steps required to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Now you get the concept of how affiliate marketing works and what is involved in it. So now let’s look at how you become a successful marketer as you now know how it works.

How to make 6-figure a month with affiliate marketing
how go blogger make money/ how to make money blogging

How Do I Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer

You become successful with affiliate marketing if you know what other people don’t know and you are taking massive action on that and also you’re passionate about what you are doing, meaning you love what you are doing.

Most people make a mistake by just picking a product or service and do a review on it hoping that they will make millions but, to be honest with you that’s not how it works.

You only become successful with affiliate marketing by picking a niche that you are really passionate about and that you can stay long enough with. This can really guarantee your success because if you pick something you are passionate about, the next step is, you have to create valuable content in that niche on a regular basis.

So what then is content? Great question…

Content is a piece of information that addresses your target audience’s (customers) biggest challenges, problems, and pains… Content that provides solutions and answers that your audience will see value in. 

If you are going to succeed online as an affiliate marketer you need to create a steady flow of content.

But not just any kind of content, you have to really provide content that actually provides valuable information that will help the market,  you are in to promote your product.

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Why people don’t become successful with affiliate marketing?

Because people miss-step by first choosing a niche, they are not passionate about and rather focus on money and they never go on to create the amount of content required for them to be successful with affiliate marketing. 

So if you are listening to the sound of my voice in this post, your journey to a successful affiliate marketer is to drive target traffic to the product you are promoting.

And the only you can get that targeted traffic to your affiliate product and services is by creating content either by blogging or Youtube or you can do both. And as you continue to provide the market with content and over time you begin by building up your content and also start to get some attraction.

What you need to focus on is to continue providing valuable content on a long term in the specific niche you choose, if you really need to make this a real business and probably make a full-time income from it. 

And as you continue providing value in your specific niche, you will start to build a personal brand which will make you stand as an authority in your niche and people will begin to do, what they call the Know, Like and Trust factor and you are also positioning yourself as a go-to person in your niche or market.

As you build your brand by the content you create, you don’t have to chase people any longer trying to convince them of your product but rather they will run to you and ask you for help.

As you build your brand YOU are the BRAND, not the affiliate product or program you are promoting AND as you build the brand around you, people come to YOU not because of the product or company that you’re promoting.

Now after you build your brand, the next thing you should do is to funnel people through a sales funnel. This means you are going to be capturing leads and building your email list, as an affiliate marketer, you must understand that generating leads for your business is the life blood of your business to be successful.

If you are not generating leads you are not going to make money, simple.


Because not everyone is going to buy from you at the first time of seeing your product. It has been said that human beings get to see something for at least seven times before making their mind to buy, so you need to be capturing leads and follow up on them with an autoresponder.

How to make 6 figure with affiliate marketing for beginners
how can i make money with affiliate marketing

What is autoresponder then?

Autoresponder is a software that automatically sends out an email that you set up in it, it is often used for email marketing. 

Getresponse is the email software I personally use and most top marketers use it for both capturing leads and email autoresponders and I will leave the link below to get started for free in 30 days.

Sign up with Getresponse Here.

As you build your list of target audience and let say in case, your affiliate marketing business gets knocked down or the company shuts down, the company no longer serves you… 

All of these cannot affect you because as you build a brand and build an email list of a group of people who love you and are willing to do business with and buy more products from.

All you have to do is to then create your own product and promote it to your email list, that’s the power of building a brand and most importantly building an email list. So stop everything now and get serious on building your email list now.

You can join me by signing up with the link above, I will get little commission which no cost to you but help me to focus more on helping to succeed through affiliate marketing.

If you have the passion for what you are doing there’s a guarantee that you will be successful if you don’t quit too soon along the way. The journey of entrepreneurship is not an easy thing and the only people that will make it happen are those who stick with it for the long run.

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scale affiliate marketing to make more money online

Which Platform Makes Most Affiliate Income

Blogging is the best platform to make affiliate income because you can easily build trust and relationships fast from your writing, though there are other platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, etc. 

However when it comes to affiliate marketing and making affiliate income, a blog is pretty much easier, you just need to write a blog post or about the product and add the link in a specific part in your post that makes sense.  

There are more that get involved in this and that’s, you need to focus on getting a good and valuable product to promote on your blog or whatever platform you choose and the product you promote has to provide value to your potential customers, which will make them trust you more.

If you approach affiliate marketing from your point of view by just helping your customers solve their problem, you are miles ahead of most people and your competitors.

There are some special affiliate sites that you can find really good products and services to promote to your potential customers like:

  •  Clickbank
  •  Amazon
  •  Commission Junction
  •  WarriorPlus
  •  ShareAsale
  • Jvzoo… etc

How Does My Blog Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

You make money from your blog by first creating content that people want and then you partner with an affiliate program and then add your affiliate link to the post. When people click on your link and buy products through your blog, you get a commission.

Blogging alone does not make you money, you need a lot of traffic to your blog to be able to make a substantial amount of income and you need to be generating leads from your blog if you use it for Sales, Marketing & Promotional Activities.

How To Make Blog Work?

The best way to make a blog work for you and to make more money is to build a brand and promote it (i already said that).

And the only way you do that is by organizing webinars, podcasts, and conducting interviews with top bloggers in your niche so people can get to know your band quickly.

Most of the top bloggers are international speakers and you can also go and speak in conferences and let your audience know that’s what you do and as you do all those, you establish yourself as an expert and an authority leader in front of your reader and this result in them trusting you with their money to purchase whatever you offer them.

As you do all that it is much easier to make money from your blog but it is not going to happen over time. Blogging takes a lot of time and you need to be patient, it takes at least 6 months to even a year of hard work and consistent posting of quality content to be able to start seeing some result.

How to make 6-figure with affiliate marketing

How To Scale And Make More Money From Affiliate Marketing

Yes! It’s absolutely possible to scale and make more money with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the only business that is scalable and you can double your income with it.

There’s one thing about affiliate marketing is that the only way you can scale it and make more money is by selling high ticket items. You will never make 6-figures, not to even talk about making 7-figures a month or a year from selling low payout products.

You will have to partner with an affiliate network that pays a higher commission between $100 to $1000 per sale and that is the only way to boost your income. If you partner with an Amazon associate program, you will never make any good amount of income unless you sell products like computers, cameras, etc and those types of products don’t get sold fast.

If you want to join me with the affiliate program that I’m a partner with, to make 6-figure a month fast I will leave the link below at the end of the article.

make 6-figure with online business

6 Figure Affiliate Partner programs

Making 6-figures with affiliate marketing is absolutely possible if you focus on promoting high affiliate ticket products. Because when you start promoting those high ticket products the possibility of making 6-figures online is much faster and you don’t need huge customers to make a lot of money.

High ticket products usually have high value and also a high volume of price and they cost a lot of money because they offer more value to buyers.

They normally cost between $1,000 $,2000 $3000 $4,000 $5,000 and above and as an affiliate of this program if you are able to sell one or two products of that amount you can make pretty good money in commission.

These programs normally pay 50% to their affiliate and if you have a good sales funnel and you are getting thousands of leads and a 1% conversion rate then you can be able to sell this high ticket product that can scale your income.

I know some of you reading this will think like, oh those are too expensive and people will not buy. Here is the thing, the fact that you don’t have the money or budget to purchase $100 or $1000 products doesn’t mean others will not.

There are millions to billions of people using the internet every year searching for information and items to buy. 

how to generate traffic to your affiliate product

Here is the global internet user over the years.

2010 1.97 BILLION
2011 2.1 BILLION
2012 1.1 BILLION
2013 2.7 BILLION
2014 3 BILLION
2015 3.2 BILLION
2016 3.4 BILLION
2017 3.8 BILLION
2018 4.021 BILLION
2019 4.39 BILLION
2020 4.54 BILLION

And a lot of them have more money than you and I and more importantly, they have a different mindset and attitude than you and they are willing to invest in themselves and family to have a better life. (Don’t mind my language please, I’m just trying to lay emphasis on something here)

There’re many people that don’t like less expensive products because they think less expensive items are cheap and have no value and they will rather buy expensive ones because they think it can add value to their lives and help them more. 

So the point I’m trying to make here is that you can sell expensive products and there will be people willing to buy it.

So as an affiliate marketer what are some high affiliate programs That you should join to scale your income fast to 6-figure?

Here are some top high affiliate program you can join:

how i make 6-figure a month with affiliate marketing

1. Legendary Marketer

This program is built for those who are serious about learning how to start a successful online business the right way and  make full-time from it.

It is purposely dedicated to helping entrepreneurs to build strong home businesses and it allows you to earn money while you learn about marketing online. This program is not a get rich quick scheme but if you put in the work, time, and effort you’ll probably see results.

As an affiliate to this program, all you have to do is just send customers to the program and they will do the rest for you. They also have a team that closes the sale for you. The income is unlimited depending on how well you are promoting the program.

This program is my #1 recommend program to make a full-time income online. Join legendary marketer Here

How to scale affiliate marketing to 6 -figure a month
make money online fast

2. ClickFunnels

The ClickBank affiliate program is a great network with world classic marketers who have put together this system to help entrepreneurs through a sales funnel to grow their business, sell and deliver their products online.

As an affiliate you will earn a 40%  recurring commission from each sale you make and an additional 5% when your referral also makes a sale or refers another person to the system. They have two plans, $97/mon and $297/mon and the difference between these two planes is the number of landing pages and sale funnels each of them has.

So as an affiliate of this program you will earn $38 recurring when you sell $97 plans and when you make a sale of $297 you make a recurring income of $118 per month.

They have cookies that last for 60 days, unlike other programs that give you only 30 days. And when someone clicks on your affiliate link and didn’t make that purchase instantly but they waited half a month before deciding to purchase you will still be counted as the one who sent them to the system and you will still get your commission paid out.

They also have other affiliate programs that you can promote and make a commission from like:

  • One funnel Away Challenge– $100 (100% commission)
  • Funnel Scripts – $487 (40% commission)
  • 108 Proven Split Test Winners Book – Free (Up to $197 potential commission)
  • Funnel Graffiti Training – Free (Up to $144 potential commission)
  • FunnelHacker Cookbook – Free (Up to $933 potential commission)
  • Expert Secrets Book – Free (Up to 927 potential commission)
  • DotCom Secrets Book – Free (Up to $967 potential commission)


what is the best way to make money online with affiliate marketing
How to scale affiliate marketing to 6 -figure a month

3. WP Engine

This program is one of the leading WordPress hostings that provides business owners the solution they need to create the fastest and remarkable website for their business to move forward.

As an affiliate to this system, you will make $200 for each customer that signs up and purchase their hosting plan and if the customer goes further to purchase their theme which is studio press, you make even more than the $200 in commission.

Their plans fall between: 

  • $20/month which is the basics for starting a small website or a blog with an annual discount applied.
  • $76/month with tools and features you need for growing your business faster with an annual discount applied.
  • $193/month with this plan you will get higher capacity and site limit to scale your experience

How much can you make from WP Engine  an affiliate?

As an affiliate to this program, your income increases based on how effective you promote the software and the number of people you refer to the system. You can earn up to $7,500 to $15,475 with a bonus, they also have a 2 tier program with a coupon which can even help you boost your sales and income even faster.

Here is how their income statistic looks like:

5 $1,000 $100 $1,100
10 $2,100 $250 $2,350
25 $5,350 $625 $5,975
40 $8,975 $1,000 $9,975
60 $13,975 $1,500 15,475

4. HubSpot

Hubspot is a service and software as well that help business through content management, tools for effective social media marketing, web analytics,landing pages, etc…

It has an affiliate program that allows you to earn $1,000 per sale from your content when some purchase through your link.

5. Shopify

This is an eCommerce store and a subscription-based service that offer an easy way to create a website and you use their shopping cart to sell, ship and manage your product.

With their partner program you earn a commission for each new Shopify merchant you refer to their software. You earn $58 for each paid member you refer and $200 for upgraded members.

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What Are The Steps-By-Step To Scale Your Income Faster?

Following this step and implementing it in your business can give you the huge boost you need in your business.

So with that being said let’s dive in:

1. You should focus on one single website or platform to promote your product.

Focusing on one platform to promote your affiliate product is very important for your success, because on one platform you can easily learn what your target audience likes and the kind of content you should be sharing with them. 

You will also have the time to engage with them well and as time goes on they will get to know you.

2. Don’t promote multiple affiliate products all at once. 

When you focus on promoting multiple products all at once, you end up not making money with none of them, why, because you will not give all of them the maximum attention and not prompting each of them effectively and also you will overwhelm yourself which can cause you to fail. 

But what you should do is to stick with only one until you’re successful with it, then you can move on to the next one.

3. You shouldn’t have any cost apart from your website maintenance.

Though paying for ads to promote your product or content is a smart way of marketing that can  increase your reach to hundreds and thousands of people, it is also not a good thing for any marketer who wants financial freedom. 


Because it involves a lot of money to pay for advertisements and if you don’t have any knowledge about how to run paid ads, you are going to lose big time which can harm your business. 

But if you still want to invest in paid ads to grow your business then what I recommend is to go take a course about it or go to YouTube and find some expert in your niche who is doing it and learn from them. 

4. Find the best keyword and target keywords like, How to, Tips, Review and Best 

The key that will open the door to your success for you to make money with your affiliate product is picking the right keywords of information that people are looking for in your niche and creating content about it that will bring people to your website to see your product.

You should target keywords like How To, Tips. Review and Best. This type of keyword gets higher monthly search volume than any keyword out there and they are also good for promoting selling products.

5. Plan your content strategy ahead.

Now that you have found your keywords it is time to plan how you are going to go about it, format it and create that content and when it is going to be published live. 

When planning your content strategy you need to put yourself into it as an authority figure who knows what he is talking about and you also need to arrange your content which is meaningful and understandable.

6. Write quality content

Now I’m sure you have planned your content right? Now it’s time to put some helpful information in there. Content is the name of the game and if you are not creating content that solves your target customers, they will not feel like buying what you offer.


When you help them solve their problem they will also feel like buying what you offer, because they will feel like what you offer or sell can solve more of their problems and that’s where the win-win comes into place. It’s a give and take, the more people you help the more money you will make.

Remember, content is king and the only way you make money online is creating valuable content that helps others and you will reap the result of it later on.

7. Don’t hire anyone

As you start to create content over and over again that helps other people, now they will start feeling like they Know, Like and Trust you and will be willing to buy from you. Which is, some will probably buy what you offer and you will start making Benjamin (money).

But as you start making that money, never let it enter your medulla oblongata (Brain) to hire other people to help you with your business.


Because as you start hiring people to help you with your business, you will start paying them money which will help you to reach anywhere in your life as a marketer and your business will not grow financially.

So what do smart marketers do?

They get everything done by themselves, they save some part of their earnings and invest the rest into tools to automate things to grow their business fast and also invest into courses to learn new skills to become a better marketer.

And that’s what you need to be doing if you really want to scale this affiliate marketing business and make 6-figure a month.


These steps may seem so easy but it takes a lot of focused, massive action, patience and time. Especially if you really want to make 6-figures a month. But what you need to do to avoid frustration and struggling is to first focus on making your First $100 to $1,000 a month then you can try to scale it.

And also the product you are selling has to have a strong demand in your niche and high payout commission that can boost your income of making that 6-figure fast. 



If you have reached the end of this post-well-done and congrats!

We hope this post was helpful and you really find some value in it. Let us know what you think about this post and also what we can help you with. If you have some challenges with your business let us know in the comment below as well.

Making 6-figures PER MONTH? Online is not an easy thing and only those who are willing to learn and put in the work can make it happen. So ask yourself. Are you willing to put in the work now that can give you THE freedom you want, If YES THEN GREATE 

(Have faith that you will make and “press on” )

Happy to hear your success story soon and share this post as well, Thanks!


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