Is Being An Affiliate Worth It? (8 Benefits Explained)

It worth becoming an affiliate marketer

As the affiliate marketing industry is rapidly growing and facing a ton of competition, a lot of people often ask “Is being an affiliate worth it”?

And what are the benefits one can derive from becoming an affiliate marketer? Well, I got you covered.

There are so many benefits of being an affiliate marketer.

You can promote a product you are passionate about and don’t have to worry about customer service, shipping, or refund, and earn as much money as you want as long as you know what you are doing.

Is Becoming An Affiliate Marketer Worth It?

To put it simply – yes it is. Being an affiliate can give you the possibility to earn passive or recurring income online without having to create your own products or services.

You can find products or services created by other people and promote them as an affiliate.

And earn five, six, or even seven-figure revenue online.

But I want you to understand this – there is work involved. 

You have to learn the theory and then build an audience that knows, likes, and trusts you from which you can generate your desired income.

You also need to learn some skill sets to be able to dominate and that is:

  1. You need to learn how to create quality content that people are actually looking to consume.
  2. You need to know who your targeted audiences are.
  3. And you need to learn marketing.

And also… I want you to take note of this.

When you pick a niche or topic you should at least know about it.

Thus you need to educate yourself about the topic you’re building your business around.


Well, this will help you be able to create ‘Quality Content’ that actually helps solve a specific problem or challenge your audiences are facing. 

REMEMBER: Online content is king.

The more helpful you are as an affiliate (I mean, the more value you provide) to your target audience the higher the chance of them clicking on your affiliate link and buying what you promote or recommend.

That said… 

If you’re not making any money in your affiliate business, then you aren’t sharing enough valuable information with people.

Money follows value.

What Are The Benefits Of Being An Affiliate Marketer

Being an affiliate is one of the best and most lucrative ways for a complete beginner to start earning a handsome income typically by promoting other people’s products on the internet as an affiliate marketer.

Below Are Some Of The Benefits You’ll Derive From Being An Affiliate:

  • You Make Money Without Having To Create Your Own Product Or Service
  • You Get To Pick Which Companies To Partner With And Which One Not To
  • It Gives You Time And Location Freedom
  • It Allows You To Be Your Own Boss
  • It Doesn’t Cost Any Money To Become An Affiliate
  • It Helps You Increase Brand Awareness And Credibility
  • It Allows You To Earn Money Passively
  • You Solve Other People’s Problems and Pains

8 Benefits Of Being An Affiliate

1. You Make Money Without Having To Create Your Own Product Or Service

Creating your own product can allow you to make a significant income online with affiliate marketing but the thing is, you’ll have to deal with a lot of hustle and challenges such as.

  • You have to come out with a product idea
  • Developing a product that may or may not eventually get any sale
  • You’ll have to deal with customer services
  • Shipping of the product
  • And refund

And it also involves a lot of money to get everything set up successfully.

That said…

Instead of going through all these challenges, which will definitely be frustrating, and a waste of time and money.

You can take this approach instead.

You can find other people’s products or services, join as an affiliate and all you need to do is to grab your affiliate link. 

And start promoting that product to your audience as your own.

And still, make a significant income.

You can promote your affiliate link using the following platforms:

  • YouTube – You can create educational videos and place your affiliate link in the description box below the video.
  • Blogging – Blogging is an amazing platform for promoting affiliate products. You can create articles related to your niche or product and place your affiliate offer within the content.
  • Facebook – You can engage in relevant Facebook groups and in the course of that you can get them to your messenger and share your opportunity with them.
  • Email Marketing – You can start collecting email addresses of visitors to your content, build an email list and start sending helpful email content to them. You can add your affiliate links within the content of your email. I think email marketing is by far one of the best ways of promoting affiliate offers. With email marketing, you actually own your audience and you can easily get them to buy through your affiliate links which will get you tons of commission. To build your email list (I recommend GetResponse) my experience with them was amazing.

2. You Get To Pick Which Companies To Partner With And Which One Not To

As an affiliate marketer, you get to choose which program to work with and which one not to work with.

There are tons and tons of affiliate programs and networks out there for you to choose from.

They all offer different programs, commission payout, and many more and this gives you the opportunity to choose or decide which one to work with.

3. It Gives You Time And Location Freedom

You don’t necessarily have to do most of the work as an affiliate, you can outsource most of the tasks in affiliate marketing if you want to do less work yourself.

You can use an automated tool to expedite nearly most of the tasks or work involved in your affiliate business.

Also, you can easily scale your affiliate revenue, once you’ve found a winning product or service. 

And you set up things correctly and properly, you scale up income quickly.

4. It Allows You To Be Your Own Boss

It’s worth it to be an affiliate marketer because it allows you to leave life on your own terms.

What do I mean by that?

Well, I mean,  as an affiliate, you can work from the comfort of your own home or while on vacation and still make a pretty good income.

You are your own boss so you can work when you want, where you want on your business.

5. It Doesn’t Cost Any Money To Become An Affiliate

The barrier to entry into the affiliate marketing world is relatively low. It doesn’t cost any money to become an affiliate.

That means you get to keep 100% of the profit you make in your affiliate marketing business.


The future of affiliate marketing is looking bright and great. 

The affiliate marketing industry is a billion-dollar industry and it’s rapidly growing.

This means you have a great opportunity to make a lot of money as an affiliate in the long term.

You don’t have to create your own product to make money in the affiliate marketing industry.


If you do decide to create your own product, you can offer an affiliate program and allow other affiliate marketers

to help you do the selling for you.

6. It Helps You Increase Brand Awareness And Credibility

Affiliate marketing often leads to mass recognition and exposure. As you grow your affiliate business.


Other top brands and marketers will begin to notice you and will likely get you invited for an interview in a mastermind event, seminar, or joint venture…

And this can eventually help you increase your brand recognition or awareness.

7. It Allows You To Earn Money Passively

The affiliate marketing model allows you to earn passive or recurring income online month after month.

There is no limit to the amount you can earn as an affiliate marketer. 

Once you’ve put in the work and set up things properly, you can make money like clockwork.

passive income

8. You Solve Other People’s Problems and Pains

You can become an affiliate in a specific niche or field you’re knowledgeable about and help others by producing helpful information (content) that helps solve problems, challenges, and pains people are facing.

And as you continue to share this information for free, the market audience will begin to see you as an expert or got-to-person for help and information. 

And over time the market audience will start to build Trust and relationships with you.

And this will put you in a position where you’ll get the chance to easily recommend your product to them. 

This is the strategy I see all top affiliates utilize.

That’s It Folks!

Wrapping up on is being an affiliate worth it? If you would have asked me years ago if being an affiliate marketer is worth it, I would have said NO!

But today, yeah. It is definitely worth it to be an affiliate for other people’s products and services.

If you have the right training, passion, and determination and you’re willing to put in the necessary work.

You can absolutely make a lot of money as an affiliate.

Though it’s not EASY but it’s worth the effort.

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