Is Affiliate Marketing Real Or Fake? (REAL PROOF INSIDE)

My honest truth on is affiliate marketing real or fake?

Have you found yourself in a situation where you’re wondering, “Is affiliate marketing real or fake”? Well, I have done a little research to help you with that.

Affiliate marketing isn’t bad or something mystical or unbelievable gig. It is simply the concept people have about. Speaking of affiliate marketing, it’s a real business model that involves you promoting someone else’s product or service for a commission, that’s it.

There are some well-known brands that are utilizing affiliate marketing to sell their products or services. And this is enough to tell you that affiliate marketing isn’t fake, it’s a real business model and when done right can filthy make you rich.

Is Affiliate Marketing Real Or Fake Business Model

 To put it simply – yes, affiliate marketing is a real business model, if you’re not making any affiliate sales yet, that doesn’t mean affiliate marketing is not a real or legal business model. 

There are tons of people out there who are making a significant income with affiliate marketing. 

That said, the only issue with affiliate marketing is that there is more competition in this industry. 

And you may need to work harder, and smarter and follow proven strategies in order to see your desired results.

But apart from that, affiliate marketing is a very legitimate method of making money.

Is affiliate marketing legit? 

Yes, it’s legit, I personally know people who are earning a decent income through affiliate marketing. Even most of the top, successful brands or companies in the world tap into affiliate marketing to promote their product or service and to generate income for their business.

Is Affiliate marketing illegal or bad? 

Affiliate marketing is not illegal or harmful, it’s a legitimate method of earning. However, it can be harmful if you’re not doing it the right way (trying to trick people to click on your affiliate link). 

That, I’d highly recommend before diving into affiliate marketing, you want to know what’s legal and illegal in your country.

You don’t want to run into any problems with your country.

Is affiliate marketing a scam? 

No, affiliate marketing is not a scam, it is a legit way of making money online. However, there are some affiliate programs out there that are scams and might run away with your commission but very few do that.

That said, affiliate marketing is legit and it’s a billion-dollar industry.

I think the main reason why people think it’s a scam is that they approach affiliate marketing as a quick way of making money online.

And if they’re in for a couple of months and they didn’t make a dime, they call it a scam.

And some people, they’re not willing to put in the work, time, and effort and learn enough about affiliate marketing.

They’re looking for easy ways, well, affiliate marketing is not easy as a lot of so-called gurus proclaim it to be, you’ll need to put in hard work to succeed at it.

Is there any ethical problem with affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is 100% ethical, there’s no ethical problem with affiliate marketing, however, they’re honest and ethical ways you can do affiliate marketing if you want to succeed. But some affiliates don’t care about ethics, they just want to make money no matter who gets hurt in the process. 

There are a lot of affiliate marketers who are doing affiliate marketing in unethical ways.

For some affiliates, their primary goal is to make money and they end up promoting products that they’re not familiar with or products that add no value to their audience’s lives.

That said…

One ethical way to do affiliate marketing is to be genuine and transparent about what you are selling.


Some affiliates just go for high-ticket products just to make big commissions regardless of whether the product is worth the money. 

And to be honest, just because a product is expensive, does not necessarily mean it will be of good quality.

You want to focus on the needs of your audience first instead of thinking of making a big commission.

What are the problems affiliate marketers are facing now?

There are many problem affiliate marketers faces in their business. Most affiliates, especially the beginning affiliates struggle with getting targeted affiliate traffic and how to turn that traffic into leads, and how to turn that leads into potential buyers or sales.

That said, my advice is to focus on learning how to get traffic to your affiliate website or the product page.

 If you learn to drive traffic to your affiliate website in large quantity and learn to understand your target audience.

It can dramatically help you increase your affiliate income.

Affiliate Marketing: What Is It All About

what is affiliate marketing and how to make significant money from affiliate marketing

Here is a great definition I found online on affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement in which affiliates receive a commission for each visit, signup, or sale they generate for a merchant. This arrangement allows businesses to outsource part of the sales process. It is a form of performance-based marketing where the commission acts as an incentive for the affiliate; this commission is usually a percentage of the price of the product being sold, but can also be a flat rate per referral. Source.

Here is my definition:

Affiliate marketing is when you sign up to promote a product or service created by another individual for a commission.

You simply sign up for a product you have used before or believe in. Then, you create content (this could be a blog post, youtube video, etc).

Then you place your affiliate link within your content and if someone visits your site and eventually purchases the product through your link.

You get paid an affiliate commission.

If people like what you have to say or get value from your content – a lot of time, some of them would want to buy from you just to appreciate you for helping them.


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That It’s Folks!

Wrapping it up on “Is affiliate marketing real or fake”? Affiliate marketing is a real business model, it’s not a scam and there is no need for a quick buck. In fact, if you set your mind to it, it will be a real asset to you. Affiliate marketing is more than just the ability to make money, it is a lifestyle.

It can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. You can find yourself in a position where you can help others, be useful to them, and get rewarded for it. 

You will become one of the best resources available to people who are looking to make a change in their lives.

Affiliate marketing is a real opportunity for you to grow as a person. You will learn to manage your finances, learn to manage yourself, learn to deal with stress, and overcome obstacles… 

The possibilities are limitless.

There are many different aspects of affiliate marketing: 

These include the products you choose to promote, the programs you participate in, and the way you interact with your audience.

You will also need to have a specific niche market in mind. This will require that you research the markets you wish to target before you begin.

Affiliate marketing requires a little more time to learn and a lot of hard work. However, the rewards are worth it.

My honest truth on is affiliate marketing real or fake?