Why Some Affiliates Are More Successful Than Others? (Explained)

successful affiliate marketers vs unsuccessful affiliate marketers

There are so many factors that separate “successful affiliates from unsuccessful affiliates”.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, content is key. Most successful affiliates often focus on producing more helpful content to get in front of their target audience.

And they also focus on building an email list of targeted audiences and this helps them to do repeated sales with the same customer over and over again and helps grow their income faster.

But the struggling affiliates, often spam their audience with their affiliate link and they won’t build an email list.

And as a result of this, they lose customers.

Why Some Affiliate Marketers Are More Successful Than Others?

Here are some core values that separate super affiliates from struggling affiliates.

  • Successful Affiliate Marketers Take Massive Action, While Unsuccessful affiliates often give excuses 
  • Fail Fast
  • Invest In Yourself 
  • Network And Share Ideas With Other Affiliates
  • Learn From Failures 
  • Focus 
  • Build an Email List 
  • Think Long Term
  • Create & Test
  • Disciplined
  • Positive
  • Get Things Done

1. Taking Massive Action

Most of the top affiliates you see online today, who are making millions of dollars online, often take massive action towards their goals, and business and they don’t give excuses. 

But, the struggling ones always procrastinate, spend most of their time educating themselves, or doing other stuff, and not actually putting in enough effort into their business.

SOLUTION: To succeed in affiliate marketing, you want to take more massive action than learning. 

Learning is important but massive actions are the key component to success.

2. Fail Fast

Most super affiliates are always prepared to face failure; when they fail, they use it as a lesson so they’ll not repeat those same mistakes again. 

But regular affiliates, especially beginners, always want to play safe and don’t want to take any risks.

NB: In your affiliate marketing journey, you’re going to fail so many times, don’t let that stop you.

But rather use it as a stepping stone.

3. Invest In Yourself And Your Business

Successful affiliates don’t spend the profit they earn from their business on unnecessary things. 

But rather, they reinvest that profit back into the business (they reinvest it into tools, training, etc) to grow the business bigger, then, spend what’s left.

Plainly put – they grow their business to a certain level before enjoying the profit from their business.

But the struggling ones, spend any dime they make from their business on unnecessary things and don’t invest in their business to grow it.

IMPORTANT: You should always reinvest any profit you make in your business, back into the business to grow it to a certain level before trying to enjoy it.

4. Network And Share Ideas With Other Affiliates

Super affiliates understand the power of connecting to other successful affiliates in their niche and learning from them.

They connect to other successful affiliates and learn what strategy is currently working for them.

But, the struggling ones, want to figure out everything by themselves, they don’t want to follow a roadmap that has led others to success. 

NOTE: Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, the quickest way to succeed is to learn from other people who are already successful with what you’re doing.

Learning from people who are more successful than you will save you time, energy, and money.

5. Think Long Term

Super affiliates approach affiliate marketing as a long-term business by first focusing on helping their customers so they can trust them.

While struggling ones just focus on making money from their customers, they want to get rich quickly. 

NB: Affiliate marketing is not a quick way of making money online, it’s a long-term business.

And people only buy from you when they know, like, and trust, if they trust, they won’t trust you with their money either.

Always try to build trust with your audience first before trying to sell to them.

And one of the best ways you do that is by producing valuable content that helps solve their problem.

6. Create A Website And Test Products

Most successful affiliates you see out there, most of them have their own personal website.

Having your own website, you can do anything with it without any third-party restrictions.

And also, they test every product to see if it’s of good quality before promoting it to their audience.

But, the unsuccessful affiliates, don’t want to put in the work and effort to build their own website, or even build an email list.

They just send visitors directly to their affiliate link.

Sending people to a direct affiliate link, you’re missing out on an opportunity to do repeated sales with that customer.

And also, they don’t test their product to see if it’s good or not before promoting it to their audience.

IMPORTANT: You don’t want to promote any product just for the sake of making money. Put your audience’s needs first, and make sure what you’re recommending to them is of good quality.

If not, when they find out that what you’re recommending to them is not of good value, they won’t purchase anything from you again in the future.

7. Disciplined

Super affiliates are very disciplined, they understand that discipline equals freedom.

They always plan and focus on actions they’ll take daily to grow their business and they stick to it.

But, for “unsuccessful affiliate marketers”, they don’t have a plan of action, they randomly do things as they wish, and they don’t have any direction.

SOLUTION: You should always have a daily method of operation (OMO). You don’t want to randomly work on your business. 

Stick to a plan and take massive action towards it.

8. Have A Positive Mindset

There’s a saying that “you become what you think ” Most successful Affiliates, have a mindset for success, they believe it is possible for them to achieve success, and take massive action toward their business even when they’re not seeing the results right away. 

But, the other affiliates, they often complain, procrastinate, and are full of unbelieve when things are not really working out for them and probably think of quitting.

NOTE: Becoming successful is not an overnight process, it takes time, a lot of time, so be patient.

9. Get Things Done

Successful Affiliates, create opportunities for themselves and try to convert those opportunities into success with a strategic approach and continue to test new things. 

Plainly put – They don’t wait for things to come naturally or happen by themselves.

But, for the unsuccessful ones, they want everything to happen by itself.

IMPORTANT: If you wait for something to happen by itself, it won’t happen, you’re going to wait forever. Sometimes, you need to force some doors to open.


There you have it folks on “what separates successful affiliate marketers from unsuccessful affiliates”.

Most of the time, becoming successful as an affiliate marketer is not always about skill but rather the right attitude and mindset.

When you combine the right attitude, mindset, massive work ethic, and consistency with the right approach to affiliate marketing.

Becoming a successful affiliate will become a thing of the past.

successful affiliate marketers vs unsuccessful affiliate marketers
successful affiliates vs unsuccessful affiliates


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