How To Use Email Marketing To Increase Affiliate Sales (9 Tips)

how use email marketing to increase affiliate sales

How to use email marketing to increase affiliate sales: When looking to increase your affiliate marketing sales, email marketing is an effective and powerful marketing tool to drive sales and engage with your ideal customers.

To increase affiliate sales with email marketing, you must first build an email list of targeted audiences and then build a strong relationship with your email list by providing useful value to your subscribers through targeted and personalized emails.

If you know how to make your email targeted and personalized and you provide useful value to your list, over time, you can potentially increase your affiliate sales.

What Is Affiliate Email Marketing?

Affiliate email marketing is a type of online marketing strategy where you (the affiliate or publisher) promote affiliate products or services to your email list or subscriber for the purpose of making a commission. 

And when you’re email list or subscribers purchase the product through your affiliate link.

You get paid a percentage of the sale generated by your email marketing efforts.

IMPORTANT: When running an email marketing with affiliate offers, you must comply with legal regulations such as:

  • You (the affiliate) must disclose your affiliate relationship with the company’s product you’re promoting in your email
  • Don’t spam your email subscribers
  • Don’t give false promises, etc
what is affiliate email marketing

Why Should You Run An Email Marketing For Affiliate Marketing?

Email marketing is a highly effective marketing tool for affiliate marketers looking to promote their product to a targeted audience who’s more likely to purchase their product or service, generate sales and increase their income.

Here Are a Few Benefits Of Using Email Marketing For Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Targeted audience: One advantage of email marketing is that affiliates can send their promotions and offers to a specific group of subscribers who have already shown an interest in their products or services. And this can result in higher conversion rates and a better return on their investment.
  1. Relationship-building: By offering helpful, relevant information, and recommendations through email marketing, may help affiliates build closer relationships with their targeted audience, and this may result in more sales and commissions for the affiliate.
  1. Cost-effective: Compared to other forms of advertising like paid marketing, email marketing is typically more affordable. Affiliates that already have an email list of targeted audiences, don’t have to pay for advertising their product.
  1. Measurable results: Most email marketing platforms often provide detailed analytics that can help affiliates track their marketing campaign’s performance. This includes metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, etc, and this allows the affiliates to refine their strategies for maximum results.


So, How To Use Email Marketing To Increase Affiliate Sales?

how use email marketing to increase affiliate sales

As I said earlier, email marketing is an effective tool for driving affiliate sales and engagement with potential customers.

The goal of email marketing is to build trust and relationships with your subscribers, if in your emails you’re providing valuable and relevant information, over time, you can build a better relationship with your email subscribers and this can help you to easily increase your affiliate income.

Here are some steps to increase your affiliate sales or earnings with email marketing:

  • Step #1: Sign Up For An Email Service Provider
  • Step #2: Build Your Email List
  • Step #3: Segment Your Email List
  • Step #4: Personalized Your Emails
  • Step #5: Provide Compelling Content Or Promotion
  • Step #6: Use Clear And Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines
  • Step #7: Make Your Email Visual Appealing 
  • Step #8: Include Affiliate Offers In Your Email
  • Step #9: Track Your Email Campaigns 

Step #1: Sign Up For An Email Service Provider

To use email marketing for your affiliate promotion, you need to first sign up with an email service provider or tool.

There are a number of good email service providers out there, but always make sure you do your diligent research before signing up with any of them.

You want to pick an email service tool that suits your business model, not just anyone.

That said, if you ask for my recommendation, I recommend GetResponse.

affiliate email marketing tools


GetResponse is one of the best and most effective email marketing tools out there in the marketplace.

It offers all the necessary tools you need to run a successful email marketing campaign.

And also it comes with a FREE plan.

At the time of writing this post, I still use GetResponse and my experience with them was amazing.

Step #2: Build Your Email List

As you’ve signed up with your email service provider, the next step is to build an email list of targeted audiences.

Here are some quick tips on how to build an email list:

  • Create compelling content on your site, your content needs to provide real value so readers can stay longer on your site.
  • Offer free resources for your readers, this can be a free eBook, checklist, etc
  • Create a signup or pop-up form and link your freebie to it. Then embed the form into your content or on your site sidebar. Make sure your sign-up is visual and visible so that your readers can easily see it.
  • And when visitors opted in their email addresses for the free item, their email contacts will be stored on your list.

Step #3: Segment Your Email List

Once you have an email list of targeted audiences, you want to divide or segment your list into groups based on: 

  • Their demographic
  • Interest
  • Behavior
  • past purchases of your email subscribers
  • Or even agenda

Doing this will allow you to personalize your email to a specific group of interest that resonates with your email and this can likely result in high conversion rates.

Step #4: Personalized Your Emails

When sending out email content or messages to your list of subscribers, you’ll want to personalize the emails.


I mean, personalize the emails with the recipient’s name and other relevant information.


Well, this will make the recipient feel valued and more likely to engage with the content of the email.

email marketing strategies to drive affiliate sales

Step #5: Provide Compelling Content Or Promotion

To keep your email subscribers engaged and interested in the content of your emails. 

You want to offer your subscribers exclusive, relevant, and helpful email content that helps solve the problems or pains they’re facing.

I mean content that they can find anywhere else, this can include, a free eBook, discount code, how-to guides, product reviews, helpful tips, and advice related to your industry or industry news, etc.

Step #6: Use Clear And Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

Your email’s subject line is the first thing your email subscribers will see when they receive your email in their email inbox.

So, you want to make sure it’s clear, compelling, attention-grabbing, and more importantly relevant to the content of your email.

If possible, you can use A/B testing to find out which email subject lines are most effective at increasing click-through rate (CTR).

Step #7: Make Your Email Visual Appealing 

Don’t send a bunch of block text to your email list, incorporate high-quality and relevant images, and videos to make your email visually appealing and easy to read by your subscribers.

Step #8: Include Affiliate Offers In Your Email

The goal is to drive subscribers to take a specific action, such as making a purchase. 

So, you want to make sure you Include a clear, actionable, and compelling call-to-action in your emails that encourage your email subscribers to click through your affiliate links.

Make sure you give them enough reasons why they should click through your affiliate links.

I mean, emphasize the benefits of the product or service you’re promoting (how it’s going to help them, etc).

Step #9: Track Your Email Campaigns 

It’s important you track the performance of your email campaign so you can make immediate changes when needed.

You can use A/B testing or analytic tools to track your email open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

By tracking these data, you’ll be able to know what works best for your audiences and optimize your email marketing campaign accordingly.


By following the above-mentioned steps, you can use email marketing to build strong relationships with your ideal customers and drive more sales into your affiliate business.

What Are Some Mistakes To Avoid When Using Email Marketing To Increase Affiliate Sales?

When using “email marketing to increase affiliate sales”, it’s important to ensure you comply with anti-spam laws in the United States such as:

  • Avoid buying someone else’s email list
  • Failing to provide an unsubscribe option in your email
  • Using deceptive subject lines
  • Over promoting
  • Failing to segment your list based on interest and preference
  • Ignoring engagement metrics
  • Neglecting mobile optimization
  • Not disclosing your affiliate relation


When using “email marketing to increase affiliate sales”, you want to avoid those common mistakes mentioned above.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can potentially improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign and increase your affiliate sales and income.