Is Email Still Effective For Affiliate Marketing? (Explained)

is email marketing effective for affiliate marketing for beginners

Email marketing is the most powerful and cost-effective form of digital marketing with an estimated ROI of $40 for every $1 spent.

Email marketing is a great way to generate affiliate sales, it outperforms all forms of marketing mediums.

If you build a list of targeted audiences that know, like, and trust you and are interested and eager to hear from you, you can make a significant income from affiliate marketing. 

NB: Don’t try to buy someone’s email list. It won’t work. Try to build your own list.

By building your own list that knows, likes, and trusts you, you can sell to those customers continuously until they decide to unsubscribe.

Is Email Marketing Effective For Affiliate Marketing?

To put it simply – yes, it is. Email marketing is potentially the best and purest platform for advertising or selling affiliate marketing products or services.

The thing is on your affiliate blog or website the chances that a visitor will buy anything you recommend on your blog is very slim.

Also on your blog, visitors only have a few minutes to spend, and most of the time the vast majority of them may not see your affiliate links.

But as they immediately land on your blog and you’re able to get them to opt into your email list.

Guess what?

You can eventually extend this time period to days, weeks, months, or even years.

As a result of that, someone on your list could eventually buy from you days, weeks, months, or even years after they have subscribed to your list.

But guess what? If they’re not on your list, they might not revisit your blog or website all the time to buy from you.

That said…

There are certain steps or criteria you need to take or adhere to make email marketing an effective campaign for your affiliate marketing activities.

How To Make Email Marketing Campaign Effective For Affiliate Marketing

  • Establish A Plan Of Action: First, you need to establish a plan of action. In business, nothing ever works without a proper plan of action. Your marketing campaign needs proper planning and purpose to achieve a reasonable goal for your business. So, always approach your business with plans and strategies.
  • Know Who Your Target Audiences Are: If you don’t know who your audiences are, it will be hard for you to know who to target to convert into a sale. That said, knowing who your audience is requires good knowledge about your niche. So, it’s important you first educate yourself about your niche.
  • Provide More Value To Your Audience: Money follows value. In other to make people click on your affiliate links and purchase your product – you need to provide helpful value to them. I mean, problem-solving-value, that helps solve the biggest problems, pain, or challenges they’re facing.
  • Follow Up With Your List: It’s often said that people get to see an offer seven times before deciding to buy it. A lot of time, people aren’t ready to buy from you the first time they see your offer. But later. When they have more exposure to your offer, they might want to try it out. So, you want to consistently follow up with your list through email autoresponder.
  • Call To Action (CTA): People are not magicians and will magically see your affiliate link and click on it if you don’t provide them with your affiliate link. If you want to make affiliate sales from your email marketing campaign, you need to provide people with a call-to-action.

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Does Email Marketing Add Any Value To Affiliate Marketing

Yes, it does. Email marketing can allow you to earn a lot of money by promoting affiliate products or services or your own product to your email subscribers list.

Email marketing allows you to speak or connect directly to your ideal customers, leads, and prospects.

It allows you to do repeated sales with existing customers over and over again. 

With email marketing, you can start to create a ton of value for your list. 

This way, they’ll start to trust you and see you as an expert and this allows you to sell more of your affiliate offer to them without hassle.

Why Email Marketing The Best Way For Selling Affiliate Products?

As an affiliate marketer, the only way to get people to buy anything you’re promoting, you’ll need to first build trust and relationships with them.

And email marketing helps you to achieve that easily and successfully without much hassle.

Also, it is reported that 98% of people who visit your blog or website won’t buy anything from your site on their first visit.

When they leave they won’t ever come back to your site.

That’s why capturing their email address and following up with them through email marketing is essential.

The Benefits Of Email Marketing For Affiliate Marketing

It Helps Increase Affiliate Sales

Email marketing is the best way if you want to grow or scale your affiliate business. 

By taking advantage of this potential and you start sending helpful, educational email content to your list.

Over time, you can impact your subscribers’ lives through your email.

And as a result of that, a great number of them will start to develop good relationships with you.

And when that happens.

Whenever you recommend anything to them, you’ll receive a good response from those customers.

They’ll definitely click on your affiliate links and eventually purchase what you’re recommending to them.

You Own The Email List

If you put all your energy and focus on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc to promote your product.

And one day for no reason they shut down your account.

Guess what? 

All your effort and hard work are wasted and there’s nothing you can do about that.

But with an email list, you own the list and you can simply download your email list database and keep it somewhere safe.

That’s the power of building a list.

Repeated Marketing

As you have the means to reach or reconnect with your ideal customers, you don’t have to think about just marketing to them once.

As long as they engage with your emails (open your email), you can sell to them not once but multiple times.

You can sell different products to the same customer over and over again.

You can even create your own product and sell it to them as long as the product is aligned with their needs.

As long as you build trust and relationships with your customers, they’re in your control.

It Helps Increase Traffic To Your Website Or Blog

When you build your audience over time, you can interact with them in many ways.

You can send them back to your website. Whenever you release a new post, you can email the article to your list.

This can help increase the number of returning visitors to your blog or website.

And helps boost your post in Google and makes the post rank faster in the search results.

As an affiliate marketer, this should not be ignored in your marketing strategy.

It Helps Build Trust And Relationship With Your Audience

Online, if people don’t know, like, and trust you, they’ll barely listen to you or buy from you regardless of what you sell.

Building trust and relationships with your ideal customer is very essential if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing.

And you can easily achieve that through a helpful email campaign.

Make sure in your emails you’re providing value, don’t always sell to your list. 

Try adding value to their lives first before thinking of making money from them.

Remember, money follows values.


One of the best practices online is to have a personal relationship and communication with your audiences where they can tell you their problems.

Through email, you can enable this where your list can email you directly and tell you their concern.

If your audience notices or knows you care about them.

Guess what? They’ll be sincerely engaged with every email message you send out to them.

They’ll become loyal fans of your business by recommending you to their family, friends and as well as to their coworkers, etc.


An automation strategy helps you achieve a lot in your business. Based on your lead’s previous behavior, you can create an email sequence to be sent out.

These email campaigns are sent out on autopilot (they’re sent out automatically without you having to do anything).

Remember, automation helps you work smarter, not hard. It enables great productivity.


When you send out an email to your list, you’re able to analyze the results.

You’re able to know if the email is delivered or not, how many people view or open it, and how many people click on the link in your email.

Also, you’re able to see their location, what device they used, how many people unsubscribed, and so on.

Getting this data can help you improve or enhance any aspect of your future campaign.


How Effective Is Affiliate Marketing With Email?

Email marketing is an effective marketing channel for affiliate marketing, when it comes to increasing affiliate income, email marketing is by far one of the best channels. It allows you to have a list of targeted people that you can talk to about new affiliate offers.

Why Should You Use Email Marketing?

Email helps you to connect with your ideal customers in a more personal way. It gives you the advantage to build a list of interested audiences that you can share affiliate products or services with. With email, you have absolute control over your list. You can export your list anytime and go sign up with another email service platform without any restriction.

How To Build An Email Database For Affiliate Promotion?

1. Decide On A Niche.
2. Research And Pick An Affiliate Product.
3. Sign Up For An Email Service Provider.
4. Pick A Traffic Source.
5. Produce Great Content
6. Optimize Your Content With A Sign-Up Form (A capture page).
7. Follow Up And Engage With Your Audience.
8. Promote Your Affiliate Product To Your Audience.
9. Continue Engaging With Your Audience Through Helpful Email Contents To Build Trust & Relationships With Them.
10. Remarket Your Affiliate Product To Them.

How Do I Start An Email With Affiliate Marketing?

To do affiliate marketing with email, you need the email address of people. So you want to create something of value like an eBook, or training course. Get people to sign up for your email list by giving them that value for free via a blog post, YouTube video, Facebook groups, etc. Then, create a series of emails that’ll give value and sell your affiliate offer.

Can You Use Gmail For Affiliate Marketing?

Using Gmail for affiliate marketing is not advisable if you’re going to use it for official purposes such as promoting affiliate products and services. Instead, you want to use email marketing tools for promotional and earning purposes. Email tools come with a lot of functionalities such as campaign performance tracking, personalization, retargeting, etc. These data can help boost your marketing effort.

Can I Do Email Marketing Without Gmail?

Yes, you can do email marketing without using Gmail. In fact, Gmail is not a preferable channel for email marketing. Most top affiliates use email software such as GetResponse, ConvertKit, etc. This software offers you all the necessary tools you need to run a successful email campaign, which is far better than Gmail. Gmail lacks a lot of functionalities when it comes to email marketing.

Can You Put Affiliate Links In Emails?

Yes, you can. Email is one of the best and most lucrative ways of promoting affiliate links. But you need to first provide valuable information to your list first to build trust and relationships with them before sharing affiliate links with them. 

Without building trust and relationships with them first through valuable information, they’ll pay no attention to your links.

How Can I Promote Affiliate Link By Email?

Well, as you already have an email list, you simply write an email content and then, insert your affiliate link within the email content, and then send it out to your list. And when people click on the link and purchase the product, you get paid a commission. 

What Are The Best Email Automation Software Or Platform

1. GetResponse
2. ConvertKit
3. Aweber
4. Hubspot
5. Constant Contact
6. Sendinblue
7. Mailchimp
8. Mailerlite
9. Mailjet
10. ActiveCampaign
11. Drip

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Well, the answer to that is no. Email marketing is not dead. It’s still effective and it’s one of the best and most effective digital marketing strategies for growing and scaling an online business.

How Many Emails To Send In Affiliate Marketing?

Email is simply a communication between you and your list, sending 1-2 emails every week to your list is considered reasonable. Sending too many emails can potentially lower your open rate because if your subscribers see too many emails they will get turned off most likely and will not open most of them.

However, sending fewer emails can also cost people to forget about you, so once or twice a week is perfectly normal.

But again, if you have promised your audience to send them more value, then sending one email per day will be enough but it has to be a valuable email and make sure you don’t spam them.

That’s It Folks!

In conclusion, email marketing still remains the best way to acquire customers and sales.

It’s one of the best and most effective ways many top affiliates use to get long-term customers and generate affiliate sales.

As long as you build a list that knows, likes, and trusts you, you can generate affiliate sales from those clients over and over again.

However, don’t use someone else’s email list, it won’t work. 

Generally, people will only feel like purchasing from you if you’ve built some sort of trust and relationship with them.

Buying someone else’s email list, like solo ds, whom you have not built any trust and relationships with.

Guess what? They won’t buy anything you recommend to them.

If you don’t have your own email list that you have not built trust and relationships with, you want to get serious about it.