Is Email Still Effective For Affiliate Marketing? (Explained)

is email marketing effective for affiliate marketing for beginners

So, “is email marketing effective for affiliate marketing: Email marketing is the most powerful and cost-effective form of digital marketing with an estimated ROI of $40 for every $1 spent.

Email marketing is a great way to generate affiliate sales, it outperforms all forms of marketing mediums. If you build a list of targeted audiences that know, like, and trust you and are interested and eager in hearing from you, you can make a significant income from affiliate marketing. 

But don’t try to buy someone’s email list. It won’t work. Try to build your own list. By building your own list that knows, likes, and trusts you, you can sell to those customers continuously until they decide to unsubscribe.

Is Email Marketing Effective For Affiliate Marketing?

To put it simply – yes, it is. Email marketing is potentially the best and purest platform for advertising or selling affiliate marketing offers.

The thing is on your affiliate blog or website the chances that a visitor will buy anything you recommend on your blog is very slim.

Also on your blog, visitors only have a few minutes to spend, and most of the time the vast majority of them may not see your affiliate links.

But as they immediately land on your blog and you’re able to get them to opt into your email list.

Guess what?

You can eventually extend this time period to days, weeks, months, or even years.

And as a result of this, someone on your list could eventually buy from you days, weeks, months, or even years after they have subscribed to your list.

But guess what? If they’re not on your list, they might not revisit your blog or website all the time to buy from you.

That said…

There are certain steps or criteria you need to take or adhere to in other to make email marketing an effective campaign for your affiliate marketing.

And that is:

  • Establish A Plan Of Action: First, you need to establish a plan of action. In business, nothing ever works without a proper plan of action. Your marketing campaign needs proper planning and purpose to achieve a reasonable goal for your business. So, always approach your business with plans and strategies.
  • Know Who Your Target Audiences Are: If you don’t know who your audiences are, it will be hard for you to know who to target to convert into a sale. That said, knowing who your audiences require good knowledge about your niche. So, it’s important you first educate yourself about your niche.
  • Provide More Value To Your Audience: Money follows value. In other to make people click on your affiliate links and purchase your product – you need to provide helpful value to them. I mean, problem-solving-value, values that help solve their biggest problems, pain, or challenges they’re facing.
  • Follow Up With Your List: It’s often said that people get to see an offer seven times before deciding to buy it. A lot of time, people aren’t ready to buy from you the first time they see your offer. But later. When they have more exposure to your offer, they might want to try it out. So, you want to consistently follow up with your list through email autoresponder.
  • Call To Action (CTA): People are not magicians that’ll magically see your affiliate link and click on it if you don’t provide them with your affiliate link. If you want to make affiliate sales from your email marketing campaign, you need to provide people with a call-to-action.

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What Is Email Marketing

what is email marketing and how does email marketing work
what is email marketing and how does email marketing work

Are you wondering what is email marketing? Email marketing is a marketing strategy that’s used to promote business, offers, etc to an email subscriber in the form of an email.

In other words…

Email marketing is simply the use of email to promote a product or service to a potential customer. It is used to build trust and relationships with existing customers or clients.

Email marketing is similar to sending mail letters to people through the postal office but here, messages are transmitted through the internet in an electronic manner.

That said… 

To do email marketing, you need to first collect the email addresses of people by creating a landing page.

Then offer people something of value for free in exchange for their email.

Then, if they opt-in their email for that free item, their email address will be stored on your email list.

Then after that, you follow up with them with a series of emails.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

what is affiliate marketing and how to make significant money from affiliate marketing
what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

Here is a great definition I found online on affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. source.

My definition:

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is a process or method whereby you promote someone’s else product or service to earn a commission.

In affiliate marketing you don’t need to create your own products or services, you simply promote products created by another person.

How It Works:

  • You’ve found an affiliate program you like or have used before.
  • You sign up with the program as an affiliate.
  • You start sending targeted traffic to that product sales page.
  • When someone clicks and purchases the product through your affiliate link.
  • You get paid money which is termed as commission.

PS: I have another post where I go more into detail on what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

Does Email Marketing Add Any Value To Affiliate Marketing

Yes, it does. Email marketing can allow you to earn a lot of money by promoting affiliate products or services or your own product to your email subscribers list.

Email marketing allows you to speak or connect directly to your ideal customers, leads, and prospects.

It allows you to do repeated sales with existing customers over and over again. 

With email marketing, you can start to create a ton of value for your list. 

This way, they’ll start to trust you and see you as an expert and this allows you to sell more of your affiliate offer to them without hassle.

Why Email Marketing The Best Way For Selling Affiliate Products Or Services

Are you asking what’re the benefits of email marketing for affiliate marketing?

Well, as an affiliate marketer, the only way to get people to buy anything you’re promoting, you need to first build trust and relationships with them and email marketing helps you to achieve that easily and successfully without much hassle.

Also, it is reported that 98% of people who visited your blog or website won’t buy anything from your site on their first visit.

When they leave they won’t ever come back to your site.

That’s why capturing their email address and following up with them through email marketing is essential.

Below Are Some Of The Benefits Of Email Marketing For Affiliate Marketing:

It Helps Increase Affiliate Sales

Email marketing is the best way if you want to grow or scale your affiliate business. 

By taking advantage of this potential and start sending helpful, educational email content to your list.

Over time, you can impact your subscribers’ lives through your email.

And as a result of that, a great number of them will start to develop good relationships with you.

And when that happens.

Whenever you recommend anything to them, you’ll receive a good response from those customers.

They’ll definitely click on your affiliate links and eventually purchase what you’re recommending to them.

You Own The Email List

If you put all your energy and focus on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc for promoting your product.

And one day for no reason they shut down your account.

Guess what? 

All your effort and hard work are wasted and there’s nothing you can do about that.

But with an email list, you own the list and you can simply download your email list database and keep it somewhere safe.

That’s the power of building a list.

Repeated Marketing

As you have the means to reach or reconnect with your ideal customers, you don’t have to think about just marketing to them once.

As long as they engage with your emails (open your email), you can sell to them not once but multiple times.

You can sell different products to the same customer over and over again.

You can even create your own product and sell it to them as long as the product is aligned with their needs.

As long as you build trust and relationships with your customers, they’re in your control.

It Helps Increase Traffic To Your Website Or Blog

When you build your own audience over time, you have the possibility to interact with them in many ways.

You can send them back to your website. Whenever you release a new post, you can email the article to your list.

This can help increase the number of returning visitors to your blog or website.

And help boost your post in Google and make the post rank faster in the search results.

As an affiliate marketer, this should not be ignored in your marketing strategy.

It Helps Build Trust And Relationship With Your Audience

Online, if people don’t know, like, and trust you, they’ll barely listen to you or buy from you regardless of what you sell.

Building trust and relationships with your ideal customer is very essential if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing.

And you can easily achieve that through a helpful email campaign.

Make sure in your emails you’re providing value, don’t always sell to your list. 

Try adding value to their lives first before thinking of making money from them.

Remember, money follows values.


One of the best practices online is to have a personal relationship and communication with your audiences where they can tell you their problems.

Through email, you can enable this where your list can email you directly and tell you their concern.

If your audience notices or knows you care about them.

Guess what? They’ll be sincerely engaged with every email message you send out to them.

They’ll become loyal fans of your business by recommending you to their family, friends and as well as to their coworkers, etc.


An automation strategy helps you achieve a lot in your business. Based on your lead’s previous behavior, you can create an email sequence to be sent out.

These email campaigns are sent out on autopilot (they’re sent out automatically without you having to do anything).

Remember, automation helps you work smarter, not hard. It enables great productivity.


When you send out an email to your list, you’re able to analyze the results.

You’re able to know if the email is delivered or not, how many people view or open it, and how many people clicked on the link in your email.

Also, you’re able to see their location, what device they used and how many people unsubscribed, and so on.

Getting these data can help you improve or enhance any aspect of your future campaign.

Affiliate Marketing Vs Email Marketing: What Are The Differences

Wondering, is affiliate marketing and email marketing the same?

Affiliate marketing and email marketing are entirely different things altogether. They’re not the same. 

Affiliate marketing is a business model which allows people to make money without having to create their own products or services.

While Email marketing is a marketing strategy that’s used to promote products or services to increase sales by sending email campaigns to potential audiences who are interested in a specific niche or industry.

1 Affiliate marketing is a tactic, practice, or method of making money online by recommending or promoting other people’s products for money.
It involves sending and receiving emails to build trust and relationships with a customer.
2 It focuses on generating leads and closing sales.
It helps in targeting customers and increases sales.
3 It’s an entirely performance-based marketing.
It helps in promoting affiliate marketing offers.
4 Calculating the click-through rate in affiliate marketing isn’t that hard.
With email marketing, it’s easy to integrate with other marketing campaigns.
5 It offers free brand recognition or exposure.
It is an automation marketing strategy and makes operation tasks more productive.
6 You don’t have to create your own product to make money with affiliate marketing.
It offers a high return on investment.

7 You don’t own any customer list, so you can remarket. You own a list of customers from whom you can remarket to.
The Differences Between Affiliate Marketing And Email Marketing

What Are The Similarities Between Both Strategies

What are the similarities between affiliate marketing and email marketing? Affiliate marketing and email marketing both are digital marketing strategies.

  • Both strategies are a method of promotion.
  • Both require skills to promote any product or service.
  • Both require promotional techniques to bring in sales.

Whichever strategy you pick, you have to first focus on building trust and relationships with the audience.

If you build solid or strong relationships with the audience, both of these marketing strategies will work perfectly.

Which Is More Profitable, Affiliate Marketing Or Email Marketing

Affiliate marketing and email marketing work together, none is more profitable than the other.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business models.

And one of the best ways to get affiliate sales is through email marketing.

There are some affiliate marketing programs that require a landing page, so none is more profitable than others.

Affiliate marketing is profitable.

Email marketing is also profitable.

Can I Combine Affiliate Marketing With Email Marketing

Yes, definitely.

In affiliate marketing, you promote someone else’s product or service in exchange for a commission. 

And email marketing can be one of the best ways of promoting your affiliate offer.

However, with email marketing, you need to first build an audience or subscriber base before sending an email campaign for your affiliate offer.

That said…

There are a ton of ways that you can build an email list.

You can build a list by writing blog posts or creating YouTube videos.

Now, as you’ve built your email list of potential customers or audiences, you can begin sending them an email about your affiliate offers.

How Do I Get Someone’s Email Address In Affiliate Marketing

Are you asking how to generate leads for affiliate marketing? Well, there are many ways you can go about that.

One of the best formulas is to give people something of value for free like eBooks, Cheat Sheets, training courses, etc in exchange for people’s email addresses.

Once you’ve got their email contact, you need to follow up with them.

Make sure they receive what you promise to give to them for free.

And then, you want to continue to provide them with helpful information when you send out emails.

You can send them as many emails as you like, but I want you to take note of this.

Don’t sell in all your emails, if all your emails are sales pitches, a lot of people will unsubscribe.

Provide them with more helpful emails than just a sales pitch.


In your email, make sure you have a link at the bottom that says “Unsubscribe” 


That way,  people who feel like unsubscribing from your list can easily do so.

The thing is if you don’t provide people an option where they can unsubscribe and they want to unsubscribe but they can’t.

And you keep sending them email messages.

Well, guess what?

They’ll report your email as spam and when that happens, it can go against you and your business.

So, to break everything down for you, this is how to build an email list:

  • Build a blog or website and fill it with useful content to rank in the search result.
  • Create a useful offer or item and give it to people for free.
  • Create a landing page/capture page and link your free item to it.
  • Place the free item on your blog.
  • And for visitors to get access to this item they’d have to give you their email addresses.
  • As they opt-in their email addresses for the free item, their email is then stored on your list.
  • Now, as they land on your list, follow up with them with helpful email content.
  • Don’t be too spammy, they’ll unsubscribe, the best thing to do is to offer them more useful content.
  • Then, over time starts recommending your affiliate offer to them, since you have been helpful, they’ll be more likely to check what you’re selling.

Remember, you’re not the only person emailing your list, there are other marketers as well. 

And you want to try as much as possible to set yourself apart by providing them with more helpful content.

You want to give them a reason why it is worth their time, and effort to open and read your email instead of the other person’s email.

What Are Some Problems Affiliate Marketers Face With Email Marketing

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Do you mean what are some of the most common email marketing problems? Well, there are a lot of them.

Below are some of the most common issues most affiliates face when running mail marketing: 

  • Low Delivery Rate

Your email delivery rate ensures your success or failure. Most of the time, if you send out an email you’ll see that the email is not delivered to the inbox of the recipients.

Sometimes, you’ll see the email end up in the audience spam folder.

When that happens, your chances of attracting or converting your audience into customers or buyers are slim.

So, what do I have to do? 

Well, anytime you send out an email, always check the email delivery scores.

If the delivery score is around 90 to 95 or above that’s perfectly normal.

But if the delivery score is relatively below the above-mentioned figure, you need to check out for the reasons.

  • Low Open Rate

In email marketing, an open rate means the ratio of the total number of unique people that view or open your email.

Another problem affiliate marketers face with email marketing is the low open rate.

A low email open rate can cause a lot of problems especially if you solely depend on your email list for affiliate sales.

So what can be the cost of that? Well, naturally, there could be a ton of reasons for a low open rate.

Reasons like,

  1. Unqualified email subscribers or audience.
  2. You’re proving boring email subject line.
  3. You’re not segmenting your list, etc.
  • Low Click Through Rate (CTR)

A Click-through rate is the total number of clicks on a link within an email.

As an affiliate marketer, the click-through rate is very important for your success.

But a lot of time you’ll see your email has been delivered successfully. People have opened the email and read it, but your affiliate links have not been clicked.

That’s a big problem.

So, what’s the problem here? Well, a low click-through rate can happen because of a number of reasons.

  • Maybe you have not built strong trust and relationships with your list.
  • You’re not providing enough value.
  • You’re spamming your affiliate link within the email.
  • High Unsubscribe Rate

A high unsubscribe rate is the number of people who unsubscribe from your list.

A lot of time, you’ll see people unsubscribe from your list without any reason. 

As a result of this, you’ll see a drastic decrease in your email engagement.

What to do? Well, you need to take notice of this and decide who to target, the thing is not everyone is your ideal audience.

Build a list of people who would be interested in hearing from you. Don’t just target anybody.

  • Spam

A lot of time, your email can get marked as spam by your subscribers or even Gmail can mark your message as spam.

When Gmail or your subscribers mark your email as spam, it is hard that your subscribers will read your email again.

Whenever you send out a new email about a new product it’ll go into the spam folder and people hardly check their spam folder.

This means they’ll not see your promotion.

This often happens in email marketing.

However, if your email often goes to the spam folder, you should start working on it as soon as possible.

8 Rule To Follow When Sending An Email Campaign To Your List

The best way to grow an online business is through email automation but many times you could be accused of spam. 

So, in order not to be accused of spamming, there are a few things you need to consider when sending out emails to your subscriber list.

1).  Your email content or message must be accurate from the heading, where you put your personal name or your brand or company name.

2). The email title or subject line on your email must be relevant and relate to the actual content of your email.

3). You Must provide an actual address of you or your company at the bottom of your email.

4). Make sure you clearly state in your email if it contains affiliate links that will earn you a commission.

5). You cannot have a misleading header on your email simply to deceive people to open your email.

6). You must provide a link on your email where people who want to ‘unsubscribe’ from your list can easily do so. The link should be accessible and immediately they click on it they should be removed from your email list.

7). Have an opt-in form on your website. Having an opt-in form on your site is probably the best way to avoid being accused of spam. This method allows visitors to give you their email addresses willingly without you forcing them. This way, they’re giving you permission to send them a newsletter.

8). Never use copyrighted materials such as photos and articles in your email. Copying someone’s material as your own can get you into a lot of trouble when the owner finds out. You may get sued or lose your entire business over copyright infringement. Never copy anybody’s work on the internet.

The above are some SPAM laws you can follow to make sure your business is in compliance.

How Do I Write An Email Campaign For Affiliate Marketing

Wondering how to launch an affiliate email marketing campaign? There are some key elements that you can follow to create engaging email content that converts.

  • Email content should always be written keeping the audience in mind. You need to provide your audience or subscribers with valuable content.
  • Grab your subscribers’ attention by writing titles that drive their attention to open your email.
  • The first line of the email should provide a clear problem-solving statement and what the email is going to be about.
  • Keep the open email brief and present only the highlights within the main body of the email.
  • Personalize the email, the email should not feel like a sales call or later, Instead, it should be in a conversation form.
  • Your email should have an end goal. Give your readers a clear call-to-action (CTA), and don’t leave your subscribers wondering what they should do or where they should go after reading the email. Give them a direction to follow.

The above are some of the tips to come out with email marketing campaigns that convert.

Is A Normal Email Good For A Beginner Affiliate Marketer

Yes, it is, but the only problem is that if your email is a new email account or address there’s a possibility that your affiliate marketing email will go into a spam folder.

This can happen even if your email is not spam and you’re just sending normal emails to your subscribers.

However, if you’re an affiliate marketer who is trying to build a long-term business.

Using a professional email is far better than a normal email. Why?

Having a professional email help in getting your email marketing done successfully.

You want to use your website domain email address instead of using your personal email.

By doing so, every email you send or receive goes straight to your web host server, not your phone or computer.

As that’s done, you can then forward the domain email to your personal email address.

And any message or reply will be from your personal email. 

Why Professional Email?

Well, a professional email address using your domain name helps build trust and credibility with people. It’s easy for customers to look up your company or your website for more information.

What tool is used for sending professional emails?

You can use email software like GetResponse to send a professional email to your audience.

What Is The Best Email Marketing Tools Or Software For Affiliate Marketing

There are so many of them but I’m going to give you only three.

That said…

Email marketing software or tools are not just for sending email to people, it has a ton of benefits more than that.

Benefits such as:

  • Tracking your audience activities.
  • Segmenting your list.
  • Expanding your list or audience.
  • It helps you grow, and scale your business and income.

Below Are Some Of The Best Email Marketing Tool For Affiliate Marketing:

In the email marketing industry, GetRespons is one of the best email software. It is an easy-to-use platform and has all the features needed to run a successful email marketing campaign.

It enables you to create a landing page, webinars, and autoresponder, and increase your affiliate sales.

GetResponse comes with a free plan with no credit card required (500 contacts).

email marketing tools
email marketing tools
  • ConvertKit

Convertkit is also another great email service out there that can help you grow your audience and scale your business.

It is an easy-to-use platform, even a complete beginner who has not tried email marketing before can use the platform.

ConvertKit offers a free start-up fee and you can upgrade later to get all its features.

  • MailChimp

This is for beginners who are just starting out with no money. 

Mailchimp is a beginner-friendly email software for people who don’t have a ton of knowledge about how to use email software tools.

It comes with some really cool features such as already-made email templates, customer autoresponders, email tracking, full integration with Google Analytics, etc.

Mailchimp allows you to capture visitors’ email addresses on your website for free.

You can build up to 2,000 contacts with Mailchimp free plan. 

The above-mentioned are some of the best tools for email marketing for affiliate marketing.

But my best pick is GetResponse. GetResponse is an amazing email tool, I used GetResponse myself and my experience with them was awesome.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Through Email Marketing

Wondering how to sell affiliate products through email? Well, I got you covered.

Below Are The Steps On How To Do Affiliate Marketing Through Email Marketing:

  • Step #1. Decide On A Niche: In getting into affiliate marketing, the first thing is to decide on a niche. A niche is simply a topic you’re interested in and want to build a business around. Make sure you at least have a bit of knowledge about your niche.
  • Step #2: Pick An Affiliate Program: Do a Google search to see if there are some really cool affiliate programs related to your niche. Take time to do thorough research about the product, look for reviews, and what others are saying about the product. If you’re satisfied with what you see, sign up with the program as an affiliate.
  • Step #3. Pick  A Promotional Platform: Once you sign up with the product, you’ll get access to your affiliate link which you can start promoting on your chosen platform. But don’t spam your audience with your link and don’t send people to direct affiliate links, you want to take this approach instead.
  • Step #4. Start Producing Useful Content: On your chosen platform. You want to start producing useful content that teaches, educates, and helps solve people’s problems and pain. 
  • Step #5: Sign Up With An Email Service Provider: Now, once you do that, I mean once you’ve produced your content, you want to sign up with an email service provider and connect your affiliate link to a landing page so that you can capture visitors’ email addresses before sending them to the product sales page. Then, share your landing page URL within your post. 
  • Step #6: Build An Email List & Follow Up With Your Audience: Now, as you’ve captured the email addresses of people who visit your affiliate link, you can follow up with the people who didn’t buy the product at that moment with an email sequence and remarket the product to them.

Does Email Marketing Help Increase Sale For Affiliate Products

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Yes, of course! Email marketing has a significant impact on affiliate sales.

Email marketing does help increase affiliate sales because it’s a direct form of marketing to your audience. 

If you build a list of targeted and highly engaged audiences of what you’re selling you can dramatically increase your affiliate sales.

However, it is not about sending tons of emails with affiliate offers, it has to be done right, and more importantly, you need to be patient with it.

You need to first establish relationships with your list before trying to sell to them.

If you do that properly, overtime, you’ll surely start to generate significant affiliate sales.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Help Increase Affiliate Sales:

  • Email marketing generates a much higher conversion rate than social media, blog posts, and paid advertising.
  • Compared to typical blog articles which are long and take time to scroll through, emails require less scrolling which means readers are more likely to finish reading your email message in its entirety.
  • With email messages, people tend to buy more as opposed to Facebook posts due to their familiarity with your content and your business.
  • Emails provide a better user experience because they’re not distracted by pop up, banners, and ads that make it difficult to even read or find the actual content they’re looking for.
  • Email marketing will help grow your affiliate business faster than any marketing medium.

How To Grow Or Scale Your Affiliate Income Via Email Marketing

Wondering how to increase your affiliate earnings with email marketing? 

The best way to increase your affiliate commission is to build a list of targeted audiences and establish trust and relationships with them by providing high-quality email content that helps solve their problems and pains.

As long as you have established trust and relationships with your list, and you’re not spamming them with your affiliate offer.

And if you’re genuinely trying to help them with their problems and pains, they’re more likely to buy from you over and over again.

Of course, there will be some people on your list that’ll not buy from you. 

But there are some people that are definitely going to buy from you because they trust you.

Here Are Some Tips To Increase Your Affiliate Earning Through Email Marketing:

1. Keep A Clean And Private List

Don’t destroy the trust and relationship you build with your list by sending spamming messages trying to trap them to buy from or get them to stay on your list.

This will destroy the trust you spend years building with them and many of them will probably unsubscribe to you.

The best way to get your audience to trust you quickly is to open up to them.

Show them that you’re not here to trap them.

Focus on helping them with your email

Provide them an option where they can unsubscribe from the list anytime they want.

Remember, trust and reputation will drive more traffic and subscribers and as well as strengthen or motivate the audience to buy from you.

2. Show Your Audience That You Know What You’re Talking About

Show your audience that you have good knowledge about your niche by providing them with helpful tips, information, and guidelines that pertain to your niche.

Show your audience how to do something in your niche. If you’re in the health niche, show them what to do to leave a healthy lifestyle, etc.

People rely on other people who know exactly what they’re talking about.

If your audience sees you as someone who knows what he is talking about, they’ll quickly trust you and your recommendations.

This can help drive more sales into your business.

3. Find A Product Or Service That People Want And Are In Need Of

If you promote a product or service just for the purpose of making money without knowing whether or not people are in need of it.

Guess what?

Nobody is going to buy that product from you.

Though it’s true that you should promote or sell something that you have an interest in, however, there may be some people who don’t have the same interest as you.

So, you want to invest time to run thorough research to find the right product for your audience.

Always provide people with what they want and you’ll see profits coming in.

4. Get Your Audience To Trust Your Product

Finding the right product doesn’t mean people are automatically going to trust and believe in that product and eventually purchase it from you.


You want to go through the product yourself to see if it’s of good quality, then you want to take your time to write an in-depth review about the product based on your experience.

In the review, you want to include testimonies of other people who you have used the product before.

Now, when you’re promoting the product don’t send people directly to the product sales page.

Rather, you want to take them to the review article about the product.

So they could learn more about the product and know what they’re going to get when they join.

Taking this approach can dramatically scale your income. It helps build some sort of report with the customer.

5. Be True To Your Audience

Be true to your audience, if you want to hype up your products and services, provide guarantees. 

The more satisfied your audiences get, the higher the chances there are that they will recommend you to their friends and family.

As they recommend you to others, there’s a high chance that those people will buy from you in the future. 

6. Make Friend With Other Affiliate In Your Niche

This is very helpful especially if you’re someone who’s just starting out. Connecting with other affiliates in your niche can really help you a lot in the long run.

The thing is, these people have gone through the process.

And have gained more experience in the industry and will be able to tell you what to do and what not to do.

Affiliate marketing is a broad topic and there are many things to avoid if you want to succeed. 

And these people will be able to tell which one to because they have gone through the process.

What Are Some Of The Effective Email Marketing Strategy For Affiliate Marketing

1. Create A Catchy Subject Line

The title of your email should be eye-catching, it should hold or grab your audience or readers’ attention.

The goal is you want to entice subscribers to open the email and read it, so keep that in mind when creating your email title.

2. Write A Good Story Line

Bad messages can sometimes be ignored by your readers or the message can be marked as spam or blocked.

That said…

To avoid that you want to take your time to write a good, strong, and compelling message.

3. Give More Value Than Selling

Assuming you sign up to someone’s email list and all the time you’re just receiving emails about products to buy.

What will you do? You’ll definitely unsubscribe yourself from that list.

In the same way, if you’re just trying to sell to your list all the time without adding any value to their lives.

Guess what? They’ll unsubscribe.

So, in your email, you want to ensure you’re giving more value to your subscribers than you’re selling to them.

Taking this approach, they’ll be eager to open and read more of your email anytime you send them out. 

This over time can eventually lead to great sales.  

Remember, money follows value.

4. Customize Your Emails

After crafting your email, don’t send it out immediately, take time to read over it and examine any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Too many grammatical errors and spelling mistakes can put your readers off.

It can make your audience feel you’re just some ordinary person who’s just trying to make money from them.

And as a result of that, they’re not going to take your email seriously and eventually unsubscribe from your list.

To avoid that.

Use tools like Grammarly to check for any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes before sending your email message to your audience.

5. Check The Delivery Status Of Your Email Message

When your message reaches the recipient’s inbox you have a high chance to get a sale and increase your income. 

So make sure messages reach the recipient’s inbox folder. You can use tools like Folderly to check your email delivery status.

6. Optimize Your Email Message For Mobile

Nowadays, a lot of people prefer using their smartphone or tablet for everything instead of a laptop or computer.

If your email message is not optimized for a mobile experience, well, people are going to find it difficult to read your message and end up deleting it.

And this can reduce your chances of converting those readers or audiences into potential buyers or customers.

So, always try optimizing your email message for a mobile experience.

7. Don’t Ignore Your Existing Subscribers

It’s easy to ignore your existing customers and try to win new customers. 

Remember, for those new customers, it will take a fair amount of time to connect with you.

But your existing customers already know, like, and trust you and are likely to purchase anything you recommend to them.

But for those new customers, it will take time.

So, you’d want to engage with your current customer and your existing customers as well.

Don’t ignore your existing customers.

8. Make Your Email Visual

Email can be a visual platform or medium, by including images, and embedding videos in your email can cause readers to spend more time on your email.

This can guarantee your email being shared by your readers with their friends and family, and this can help you reach new audiences and get new subscribers and grow your list.

The above-mentioned are some of the email marketing strategies to boost your income.

Can I Be Successful With Affiliate Marketing Without Email Marketing


You can be successful with affiliate marketing without doing email marketing. However, email marketing can be part of your marketing strategy as well.


Well, building an email list can be very profitable for your business. 

It’s a very important step in ensuring success in affiliate marketing.

Email marketing has the highest purchase conversion rate when compared to social media platforms and direct marketing.

With email marketing, you can have a consistent affiliate income coming into your business.

How Can I Do Email Affiliate Marketing Without Without Website

You don’t necessarily need a website or blog to generate affiliate sales through email marketing.

Here Is How To Do Email Marketing Without A Website:

  1. Create an eBook that provides value. 
  2. Create a landing page about the ebook.
  3.  Add the eBook link to your landing page.
  4. Then, give away the eBook to people for free, you can use social media platforms or forums to send people to your eBook landing page.
  5. Now, before they could get access to the eBook they’d have to give you their email address.
  6. As they opt-in their email address for the eBook, they’ll be on your email list.
  7. As they’re on your list, you can start engaging with them and offer them your affiliate opportunity.

The above-mentioned is one of the best methods to do email affiliate marketing without a website. 

You could earn a handsome income simply by following the above steps effectively. 

It’s one of the most effective methods to promote affiliate links.

Email Marketing Affiliate Marketing FAQs

Is Email Marketing Still Effective For Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, It is. Email marketing is one of the best and most effective ways many top affiliates use to get long-term customers and generate affiliate sales. As long as you build a list that knows, likes, and trusts you, you can generate affiliate sales from those clients over and over again.

However, never use someone else’s email list, it won’t work. 

Generally, people will only feel like purchasing from you if you’ve built some sort of trust and relationship with them.

Buying someone else’s email list, like solo ds, whom you have not built any trust and relationships with.

Guess what? They won’t buy anything you recommend to them.

If you don’t have your own email list that you have not built trust and relationships with, you want to get serious about it.

How Effective Is Affiliate Marketing With Email?

Email marketing is an effective marketing channel for affiliate marketing, when it comes to increasing affiliate income, email marketing is by far one of the best channels. It allows you to have a list of targeted people that you can talk to about new affiliate offers.

Why Should You Use Email Marketing?

Email helps you to connect with your ideal customers in a more personal way. It gives you the advantage to build a list of interested audiences that you can share affiliate products or services with. With email, you have absolute control over your list. You can export your list anytime and go sign up with another email service platform without any restriction.

How To Build An Email Database For Affiliate Promotion?

1. Decide On A Niche.
2. Research And Pick An Affiliate Product.
3. Sign Up For An Email Service Provider.
4. Pick A Traffic Source.
5. Produce Great Content
6. Optimize Your Content With A Sign-Up Form (A capture page).
7. Follow Up And Engage With Your Audience.
8. Promote Your Affiliate Product To Your Audience.
9. Continue Engaging With Your Audience Through Helpful Email Contents To Build Trust & Relationships With Them.
10. Remarket Your Affiliate Product To Them.

How Do I Start An Email With Affiliate Marketing?

To do affiliate marketing with email, you need the email address of people. So you want to create something of value like an eBook, or training course. Get people to sign up for your email list by giving them that value for free via a blog post, YouTube video, Facebook groups, etc. Then, create a series of emails that’ll give value and sell your affiliate offer.

Can You Use Gmail For Affiliate Marketing?

Using Gmail for affiliate marketing is not advisable if you’re going to use it for official purposes such as promoting affiliate products and services. Instead, you want to use email marketing tools for promotional and earning purposes. Email tools come with a lot of functionalities such as campaign performance tracking, personalization, retargeting, etc. These data can help boost your marketing effort.

Can I Do Email Marketing Without Gmail?

Yes, you can do email marketing without using Gmail. In fact, Gmail is not a preferable channel for email marketing. Most top affiliates use email software such as GetResponse, ConvertKit, etc. This software offers you all the necessary tools you need to run a successful email campaign, which is far better than Gmail. Gmail lacks a lot of functionalities when it comes to email marketing.

Can You Put Affiliate Links In Emails?

Yes, you can. Email is one of the best and most lucrative ways of promoting affiliate links. But you need to first provide valuable information to your list first to build trust and relationships with them before sharing affiliate links with them. 

Without building trust and relationships with them first through valuable information, they’ll pay no attention to your links.

How Can I Promote Affiliate Link By Email?

Well, as you already have an email list, you simply write an email content and then, insert your affiliate link within the email content, and then send it out to your list. And when people click on the link and purchase the product, you get paid a commission. 

What Are The Best Email Automation Software Or Platform

1. GetResponse
2. ConvertKit
3. Aweber
4. Hubspot
5. Constant Contact
6. Sendinblue
7. Mailchimp
8. Mailerlite
9. Mailjet
10. ActiveCampaign
11. Drip

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Well, the answer to that is no. Email marketing is not dead. It’s still effective and it’s one of the best and most effective digital marketing strategies for growing and scaling an online business.

How Many Emails To Send In Affiliate Marketing?

Email is simply a communication between you and your list, sending 1-2 emails every week to your list is considered reasonable. Sending too many emails can potentially lower your open rate because if your subscribers see too many emails they will get turned off most likely and will not open most of them.

However, sending fewer emails can also cost people to forget about you, so once or twice a week is perfectly normal.

But again, if you have promised your audience to send them more value, then sending one email per day will be enough but it has to be a valuable email and make sure you don’t spam them.

That’s It Folks!

In conclusion on, “Is email still effective for affiliate marketing” Yes, it is. Email marketing still remains the best way to acquire customers and sales.

If you’re not building an email list of your business, well, guess what? You’re literally leaving huge money on the table.

You should get serious about building your email list as soon as possible.

is email marketing effective for affiliate marketing for beginners
is email marketing effective for affiliate marketing for beginners