Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners | Easy Guide

Top 5 Affiliate marketing Tips for beginners that top marketers don’t know about

I’m sure you are here to learn the top 5 affiliate marketing tips for beginners, right?

In this article, I will show you some tips to become successful with affiliate marketing that most top affiliate marketers don’t tell you about.

Before we go over these top 5 tips for affiliate marketers, I want to share some overview with you, if this is something you are interested in be sure to read to the end.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and easiest ways for anyone to earn income online as a complete beginner and if you follow exactly these top 5 affiliate marketing tips for beginners I will show you then you are on the way to success.

As an affiliate, the only way to increase your income is to build an audience who Know, Like and Trust you and the only way to do that is to provide valuable content that solves your audience’s problem on a platform you choose to grow your affiliate marketing business.

As an affiliate marketer, you only get paid when someone buys through your recommendation and probably through your link.

You need to make sure your readers and audience get value in what you are promoting and this top 5 affiliate marketing tips for beginners will be in help

Before we dive into some of these top 5 tips affiliate marketing for beginners let’s look at what affiliate marketing is.

What is Affiliate marketing all about?

Great question! My Definition of affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing refers to the process by which marketers promote a company’s product or people’s product and receive a commission on each sale generated by their marketing.

With that being said let’s dive in,

Table Of Content:

1. Affiliate Marketing Tips

2. Affiliate marketing strategies

3. Cost of affiliate marketing

4. Marketing affiliate programs

5. Affiliate marketing in USA

5 Affiliate marketing Tips for beginners that top marketers don’t know about

1.Top Affiliate Marketing Tips

Now let’s go over one by one on these top 5 tips affiliate marketing tips, I’ll show some tips and actionable tactics that you can leverage to dominate in the affiliate marketing industry.

I know you may have come across so many tips but what I will be sharing with you here is proven to work.

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Here are the top 5 affiliate marketing tips:

Actionable Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tips & Strategies for all affiliate,

  1. Know Your Target Audience

The most successful way to use affiliate programs is to only promote products, services, and offers that match the needs and wants of your target audience. You need to consider why they are coming to your site, joining your email list, or following you on social media. You can ask them what they really need and provide an answer to that.

What are you providing that they are looking for? Make sure the affiliate products you are promoting provide a valuable solution to your audience’s problems.

2. Select a Profitable Affiliate Program

There are tons and thousands of products available on the web for affiliate marketers. It’s never easy to choose the best product to promote as an affiliate marketer so consider these pointers while selecting the best affiliate program to promote.

  • Always choose a product that appeals to your niche. Make sure that you have enough experience and influence in the niche you choose to make an impact.
  • Do not run only behind big brands (or popular products). With such products, the competition is high and it will be difficult to make money with it and it makes it difficult to get conversions. Instead, choose a product that has low competition and will give you higher chances to convert from the audience that you have built.

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3. Believe in the Product or Company You’re Marketing

You need to make sure that the product or service you’re affiliated with is something you really do believe in and know it can help your audience. It’d be easy to just form a partnership on the basis of making an easy buck, but what does that say about your brand?

Before you shake hands and sign contracts, ask yourself if this is a product or service you would want yourself. If not, just look for the next opportunity. Building relationships with a company that you would stand by as a customer will provide authenticity and integrity to your brand, and that builds invaluable loyalty.

If you promote a product that is not of the best quality, you can lose trust from your audience

5 Affiliate marketing Tips for beginners that top marketers don’t know about

4. Regularly Check Your Site for 404 Errors

This is one of the things I’ve learned to do every day to check my site for broken links. Retailers delete or redirect pages all the time, and there have been times where I’ve been sending people to deleted pages without realizing, missing out on a lot of potential commissions.

I now use Chrome extensions like Check My Links and tools like Ah refs to check my site regularly for broken links to prevent this from happening again and again.

5. Stay Away From Bad Links

Mostly new affiliates who just learned what the letters S, E and O mean when put together develop an affected desire for links to their website. To satisfy their new addiction they go to the Internet’s dark alleys searching for a magical link to link to their site and due to that, it results in breaking down their site. 

Some of these may probably work for some time but will advise you that you never want to bet against Google. Anything that works will get popular and anything abusive and popular will get squashed. The short-term boost that these bad links may provide will be erased by the time it takes to chase them. Don’t chase bad links. Instead, focus on finding one to two great and authority links and building out quality content.

This is if you have a personal website…

Make sure your website points to you and not the product. Market yourself! Pictures, FAQ about affiliate marketing, blog, and links to social media. Remember people buy from people they know like and trust, people won’t really want to buy a product if they don’t see the value in buying it from you! So you need to brand yourself not your product.

So, don’t have your affiliate link posted without offering some kind of value to people. You can offer them free training through your website (whatever area of knowledge the product is included in). Offer a free ebook for exchange of their email address and follow up on them.

Also, it is crucial that when someone subscribes to your website, you stay in touch with them through consistent emails, using an autoresponder (only because it saves you time and is a good system). I use GetResponse. I will be leaving a link below so you can join to start building your email today

This is where the power of email marketing takes place, email marketing is one of the best ways to increase your sale if you are an affiliate marketer and you are not building an email list then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Also, look into retargeting anyone who clicks on your website. Meaning when someone clicks on your website, they see an ad for your website that goes to YouTube or some other site that has ads on it.

You can do this by enrolling in a program like If this is something you want to do. But since you’re new, I can’t be sure enough that staying in touch with the traffic you generate (or buy) and retargeting them will be essential.

Now if you have an opt-in page…

Make sure the section of collecting people’s email addresses is very distinct and noticeable.

If you have internet ads about your website, make sure the landing page is the same color scheme as the ad. This is so people won’t click on the ad and think that they have landed on the wrong website.

The landing page shouldn’t be too flashy. You don’t want to distract from where people need to enter their email address and join your list.

The landing page needs to be brief and to the point. Sales pages are where the details and explanations are given. Your website, whether landing page or personal page is all about giving valuable value.

And what I mean by value is explaining the need the product meets, the product fulfills and how it is going to help your audience. Hopefully, you understand.

I’m assuming you have social media accounts. Have your website link on your social media accounts. Find the right people who are your ideal client in the target marketplace of your product (ie health and fitness, working from home, parenting resources, wellness, technology, and more) They will start to see your credibility, check your website, and then boom, you will be getting more traffic and probably making some sales.

Start making YouTube videos by giving out valuable content and also explaining information about whatever it is you are promoting without stating the name.

For example, if you are promoting a health and fitness product that helps people lose weight (I’m not an expert in this, it’s just an example), then talk about how being overweight is dangerous to your health and you have just the product to help someone! Then point them to the link below the video.

You can do this through blogging as well.

If you are really new to affiliate marketing then I highly recommend going through some training. I will leave my recommended program below to start with if you are really serious about learning how to grow a profitable affiliate marketing business using the power of the internet.

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5 Affiliate marketing Tips for beginners that top marketers don’t know about

2. Affiliate marketing strategies

Affiliate marketing mostly has the potential to drive sales to your product and can generate a very good amount of income for you if done well. More than affiliate marketing has the potential to generate you high quality leads for your business where you can follow up with and sell a different product to them

Here is an overall game plan for affiliate marketing strategy:

1. Find a teacher/guide/experienced and successful marketing entrepreneur/mentor, etc…. If you can’t find a person go over online and follow them great, probably, find an outstanding training program that makes it clear to you that the money can be good, but that you will have to work for it! Find a program that will let you earn money as you’re being trained.

2. Find a good offer you want to promote. It must be a product you believe in, have experience with, and/or would buy yourself, make sure it has value to serve your audience! Just my opinion.

3. Position yourself well online! Have some authority and credibility! You don’t just want to be the rando type just promoting any kind of product and showing the link. A good position will lead to solid……

4. TRAFFIC TRAFFIC TRAFFIC!!! Lots and lots of traffic. So look into free traffic methods (ie networking on FB or paid traffic such as influencer media, banner ads, and/or pay per click but what I recommend is to create quality content and the traffic will come organically. You can also bring in traffic through YouTube channels, blogs, or podcasts, Pinterest.)

5. Maximum conversions! Remember…you’re not promoting a product. You are promoting the value that the product provides for a person.  It must meet a need, want, desire and help, solve a particular problem etc….

5 Affiliate marketing Tips for beginners that top marketers don’t know about

3. Cost of affiliate marketing

Are you thinking of turning to affiliate marketing in order to promote a product or company and increase your sales and revenue? Now is the best time to jump into it,

That being said, You can do affiliate marketing for free or at a low cost. However, you will need to work very hard with massive action and it will take much longer than if you invest in products, software, and advertising.

Getting traffic is the main problem for affiliates. A free strategy could be using videos or blogging and creating quality content that helps people.

Or you can build niche websites to get free organic traffic which costs a small amount for a website and hosting. If you are ready to start your website I recommend joining Bluehost. Bluehost is the number one hosting platform on the internet and they recommended by WordPress on their site.

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5 Affiliate marketing Tips for beginners that top marketers don’t know about

Some affiliate products are free to promote and others will require a little bit of investment.

To start generating high income more quickly you could use High Commission Affiliate Programs which also offer recurring income from membership commissions.

paid marketing you can get more attraction and traffic quickly. With content marketing (free marketing) it will take much longer to gain attraction and traffic.

In general and mostly, you can start for free! hoose free products from sites such as Clickbank and use free marketing methods such as Hubpages for blogging or YouTube for video.

The less time you put into it, the more difficult your job can be. Ideally, at least you have to have your own website and an email list. This can be achieved for around $20 or less a month.

 I will leave below the email tools I use to build my list and they also have free land pages built-in all at once. Other expenses to consider are training courses. I would recommend the training course you can access at the bottom of this article or you can check my about page.

Everything you do in affiliate marketing comes from your knowledge or lack of knowledge. So it’s worth investing in yourself if you’re going to take it seriously or you want to make full-time from it.

5 Affiliate marketing Tips for beginners that top marketers don’t know about

4. Marketing affiliate programs

So, you want to be an Affiliate Marketer and start making some cash online right.


My whole life dream is to be a millionaire, but it doesn’t make me one.

But becoming an affiliate marketer has one thing in common with becoming a millionaire: In both, you have to start with the right mindset and be willing to put in the required work ethics.

Unraveling Your Brain

You may be thinking I was going to suggest that you needed the right product?

Before we get to the product aspect there is something even more important that needs to be understood.

  • What is your passion?
  • What drives and motivates you.
  • What’s your why?

You and your affiliate product are going to be spending a whole lot of time together.

There is nothing worse than working hard and promoting something that you don’t care about. That’s why this question really needs to be, what is the right affiliate product for you to promote?

You will be spending most of your hours creating valuable content, social networking, blogging, and other related activities to promote your product. The last thing you want to hang and lock yourself into is working with a product that neither compels or motivates you to get into the game for yet another day.

That being said, we can now move forward into:

Finding the Right Product

There are many ways to find products to promote.

You can Google: Your [niche] + affiliate programs and uncover great answers.

You can join popular platforms like:

1 ClickBank
2 ShareASale
3 Avangate
4 CJ Affiliate
5 eBay
6 Amazon Affiliates
7 RevenueWire
8 LinkConnector
9 AvantLink
10 FlexOffers
11 Affiliate Window
12 Impact Radius
13 GlobalWide Media
14 oneNetworkDirect
15 TradeDoubler
16 zanox
17 Valuleads
18 Share Results

HOT TIP: When you think you have found the affiliate product of your choice. Buy it. Use it. Experience it or have some knowledge about it. Then go out with strong empowered success to sell it. You’ll be in a far better position than 99% of your competitors because you know what you are promoting.

Commission Game Plan

In order to determine the best product for you, it is necessary to review the commission structure of each opportunity. Found something you like and are interested in? Compare it to the other available possibilities.

One Time Versus Recurring

Does your product allow you to earn money monthly or just one time?

For example, membership sites will often require a monthly payment so this means that as long as your buyer stays a member, you will continue to receive recurring income every single month.

Low Verse High Payouts

On some products, you may only make coffee cash. For instance, when working with a product like Google Adsense and some out there etc.

Other products may pay you one hundred or more dollars for the sale. To find these Google: High Paying Affiliate Products.

The advantage of buying something pricier is that your kickback is greater but your corresponding sales are lower.

HOT TIP: Work with a variety of products with some being higher payouts and others being low to have something available for everyone that stops by your website.

Comparative Gambling

No matter which product or products you end up working with to promote, it is a gamble. The only way to know if you will be successful with a given option or not is to give it a try.

If it works, you’re in.

If it doesn’t, try again. But mostly you need to take massive action to be successful with something.

However, some people are upping their own chances for working with the best affiliate products in their niche by not advertising on his blog.

Say what do they do?

They are not going to make much money that way.

Think so?

You see, they launched their site less than 90 days ago. It is currently in the process of getting into position on the search engines of Google. Once done, if they play their cards really well, they will begin to get a really decent amount of traffic to their site.

So then they can simply add niche-targeted affiliate products that their viewers would be interested in buying.

Google likes this approach because the authority of the site is built prior to marketing the company’s product. Google wants to make sure that it is sending the exact search results that it offers to high-quality pages rather than just some random marketing attempt.

What’s Left?


Or perhaps I should say that this is exactly where we started. Which means, the start and the end change.

1. You do your research to find an affiliate product.

2. You need to create a platform for that product to exist.

3. You need to market the created platform

4. You start reaping rewards in the form of monetization value.

5. You do it again.

And again, and again and again until you hit the point

In fact, there are a lot of marketers who make huge fortunes from a single affiliate site and product. They do this in many ways including offering multiple products that would be of interest to the viewers who visit their website.

5 Affiliate marketing Tips for beginners that top marketers don’t know about

HOT TIP: As your site becomes an authority in its niche, other opportunities will open for making money beyond affiliate marketing. Selling ad space from your blog or website would be a perfect example. Once you have the momentum built it becomes super simple. Yow You’ll have people contacting you just so they can be displayed to your audience. That’s where the fun aspect takes place.

Wrapping up:

Thoughts About the Best Affiliate Products

Which product would be best for you to market?

Which is the worst?

For each person, this answer will be different. But you need to find out what you are passionate about and follow that either within an affiliate marketing platform or independently.

Don’t forget to increase:

1. Your products commission structure

2. Recurring verse one-time payment opportunities.

3. High verse low price payouts

But above have fun along the way and enjoy the process

5 Affiliate marketing Tips for beginners that top marketers don’t know about

5. Affiliate marketing in the USA

It is the same around the world, it’s not for a specific country. Affiliate Marketing is marketing someone else’s or a company’s product for a commission. But in the USA it’s become a lot harder and for most companies because due to the amount of SPAM and scams, they had to implement stricter rules. But regardless of the new rules and the ups and downs of it, the USA is still the most profitable country and a market for affiliate offers.

Affiliate marketing USA has a strong impression in the USA market.

Almost all affiliate programs target a US audience and offer them something unique to the USA- drastically reduced shipping times and costs.

It works for them because their audience in the USA is keen on eCommerce/dropshipping. Given that they are American, too, it helps them relate to their audience.

According to Forrester Consulting, the affiliate marketing industry of the USA is expected to reach almost $6.8 billion in the year 2020. Almost more than 80% of brands use this type of marketing to expand their business and income because most of their potential customers are from the US.

There are more than 11,000 U.S. based companies with affiliate marketing, running around 11,400 affiliate programs.

USA top affiliate programs and networks:

1. Amazon

2. ClickBank

3. ShareASale

4. Cj Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction)

5. Impact (formerly Impact Radius)

6. JvZOO

These are US-based affiliate programs, but these are popular ones.


Those are my top 5 affiliate marketing tips for beginners to dominate in affiliate marketing.

If you could follow those steps above then you are on the way to success.

If you have reached the end of this post-Bra-Bravo! Let us know what you think in the comment and if there’s something you want help with you can let us know below as well!

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To Your Success!